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Monday, April 20, 2009

NFL Draft Week 2009

Its almost here the NFL Draft, one of my favorite events. Its like Christmas time in the NFL. I will do some previews through the week, on some players the Bills may take, but who knows, anyone you know they like, maybe a smokescreen or their real opinion. But now with two first round picks, the Bills can really make their squad solid with real talent.

I've held back on the draft previews, mainly not to burn myself out. I love the draft and don't want to be tired of it come Saturday. So I left all my previews for this week. Plus my opinions.

First opinion.

You can never have enough draft picks.

With the Peters trade, possible Parrish and Kelsay trades, the Bills are stacking up picks. With 9 picks already, the Bills could use 11, 12 picks. The more bodies the better. Competition makes the team better. And with guys from last year trying again. Alvin Bowen and Chris Ellis trying to make the squad again. Training camp could be nice and physical and build the team. You can never have enough competition. Being comfortable equals laziness. I want these guys uncomfortable. Make them nasty. Afraid to lose their job.

I would love the Bills to pick up extra picks. Get something for guys who give you minimal on the field. Parrish is nice, but he is under utilized as a reciever. So let him go elsewhere so he can florish in a better scheme. If a player doesn't fit what you do, get rid of him. Get players who fit what you want to do. Losman didn't fit, so they let him go. And obviously no one wants him. Which is sad. He isn't that bad, is he?

I trust in Tom Modrak, I think they are drafting decent guys. People keep on bringing up John McCargo, well he had injury issues and things didn't work. Teams make mistakes. Guys won't work. They wanted to go with a certain defensive scheme and it failed. They went out and got Marcus Stroud. With the acquistion of another solid DE. (Denney and Kelsay are wastes of space) the D Line, could be really decent.

The fact that Bills extend a lot of guys, and didn't with Jason Peters, gives me a sign. No one knows a player then his own team. If they thought he was going to be a dominant LT. You would give them the money. I have no doubt about that. But why were they so relunctant? Is there a injury they are worried about. Since Peters has failed to finish the last two years. Or they just being selective with their money? We may never know. But quality LT's are in this draft, one can be had and developed.

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