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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bisons are not what we call good.

April hasn't been very kind to the Buffalo Bisons. Attendance is down from last year, despite decent weather. And the team, doesn't know how to win. 1-10, very Nationals like, to start the year.

Pitching hasn't been the issue. In fact the bull pen is quite good, and with all the money the Mets sunk into that, most of the guys should stay around. Offense seems more the issue. But hitting always seems a little shaky in April for the Bisons. The most troubling sign is susposed stud, almost made the Mets Roster, Nick Evans. He is hitting a demotion ready .122 on the year. Though of his 5 hits, 3 are home runs. So he definitly belives in the motto "Go Big or Go Home". He also leads the team in Strikeouts with 13. In 41 at bats, he has struck out, 32% of the time. That is not good.

The two catchers have the best Batting Average, almost no one in the infield is hitting about .200. Though no one on the team really commits errors. There is no room for any mistakes. The Bisons are in a early season funk, and already 10 games out of first, with the hot SWB Yankees. Well its a long season and with the warmer temps the bats should warm up, or otherwise it won't be a fun year for the Bisons. Lucky attendance doesn't match record. I still want to go to Bisons games, because they are a fun time. Otherwise it would be a ghost town at Coca Cola field.

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