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Friday, April 10, 2009

That'll do pig, that'll do.

Chris Seward

The Sabres did their end of the deal, by beating the red hot Hurricanes 5-1 last night. The flyers on the other hand, decided not to fill their end of the bargain, create space between them and the Hurricanes, and lose to the Rangers. I'm not blaming the Flyers, the Sabres put themselves in the position they were in. But sometimes help is nice.

One game left in the season, before its two years in a row without the playoffs, and unlike the years before their is enough interest and stability to draw ire and fan criticism. There will be changes, no doubt. Drastic? I don't think so, but who knows. The whole excuse from last year won't fly this year, and Miller's injury ain't an excuse either. They know why they will clean out their locker this weekend. They just can't play with any consistency or beat the bad teams.

I think the idea of making the playoffs was more exciting to me, then the actual playoffs themselves. More then likely, they Bruins would have extinguished them quickly. Since the Bruins play playoff hockey, unlike the Sabres who can't play it, because they can't string a couple good games together.

Well I'm sure April won't be a quiet month around HSBC Arena, since some issues need to be dealt with. There will be players not coming back, the team will look different next season. It may get younger. Weber, Gerbe and Kennedy, will all probably be on the team. The real question is, will the front office look the same?

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TheTick said...

From the title, I thought this was another 'tribute' to Don Koharski...

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