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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sabres Canes

Backs against the wall, one foot in the grave, use whatever term you want. But the Sabres have to win. Carolina doesn't have to do anything. They have no pressure and are on fire. And completely demolished the Islanders the other day, while the Sabres played a good third and beat the Leafs last night. So how will the Sabres handle the stress.

Instead of a game preview of who to watch out for. I think its time for clips of inspirational speeches to fire up the boys, to come out and beat the Canes, because no other game really matters, because if they don't care of business in Raleigh, its over. Forget about whats happening in New York or Florida. The Sabres are 1-2 vs the Canes lets even that bad boy out.

Well there aren't many good hockey related speeches. Most are football.

But lets just remember the playoffs a couple years ago.

Its all we have right now.

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