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Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Draft Preview

Today I will be exploring the possibilities for the 2nd and 3rd round picks for the Bills. Expecting they don't trade one of them or acquire another one. These are tougher to predict since things change and you never know what they really want. The Bills are always good for a suprise. And the biggest factor, who they like, compared to what a guy like me, might like.

@ 42

Max Unger C Oregon

The guy Ive seen go here in most Most Drafts. But he's also rocketing up the boards. So he maybe long gone before the Bills pick again in Round 2. From what I hear, he's a can't miss and is a solid pick.

Eric Wood C Louisville

Another hot prospect. Its always the Centers and Guards that get hot. Because their value is so understated until draft time. The Bills need interior line depth and versatility. So getting a good solid OL in the second round always seems like a great idea. And as you see, in the Mock goes 32.

Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma

Another giant inside, that's built for the run, but will protect the pocket and give room for Edwards to throw. Strong, but not agile. Thats fine for guard, especially the Bills who never seem to pull.

Clint Sintim LB Virgina

A pass rushing LB that the Bills desperately need, and can cover when needed. If the OL they like aren't there and haven't taken a LB yet. I think this guy could be the pick in the 2nd. But use to 3-4 defense, so it may take a while to adjust.

Zach Follett LB California

Another get after the ball LB. Don't know if he'll drop down to the 3rd round, but he could and would wait for him there. But if LB's go quick snap up a guy you are looking for. The Bills don't need a back line linebacker, thats why Poz is. The need the anti Poz. A guy thats in the backfield.

Chase Coffman TE Missouri

If Pettigrew isn't there in the 1st, heres the guy I want in round 2. A more split out Tight end, and yes they might need a blocker, but they have those already. Can catch, can run down the field and can take a hit. WITHOUT DROPPING THE BALL. GRRR ROBERT ROYAL.


The third round will be what need they haven't addressed. Its OL, DE or LB. Maybe tight end. But I doubt it will CB unless there is a stud corner, that hasn't gone. If there is some massive talent here, they may take him, other wise its NEED, NEED, NEED

Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina

Probably won't be there, but after the tackles go, there should be space. He looks small for what they have been doing, but it hasn't worked so, who knows.

Joel Bell OT Furman

A small school guy who they might have to let sit and watch. Probably not what they want, but could be a guy you can build to be a solid tackle. Thats more important in the long run.

Cody Brown OLB UConn

A guy that played DE, so a pass rushing LB. A project probably but a guy you can put in there and will rush the QB. The Bills really really need.

Mitch King DL Iowa

Basically Kyle Williams. So thats not too bad, can never get enough active DL that can rush and stop the run. You know the ones with the motor.

Well I'm sure theres a ton more and plenty of sites that are way better then mine. But I thought I'd highlight some players that might be in blue, red and white come monday morning. And then we can call them busts next year.

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