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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game 7's

Tonight is the last night of Round 1 of the NHL playoffs and it couldn't be better with 2 game 7's. You have the reeling Rangers versus the Caps, and the real even series of New Jersey and Carolina.

I've been watching the Ranger series a lot more. Which of course makes me miss the better one. But the Rangers have been dead men walking the past two games and now they play on the road? I don't know if these guys can just turn it on again. They were struggling at the end of game 4, and its carried over to games 5 and 6. But I guess without that comfort of knowing no matter what you'll play again, they might come out hard tonight. The Caps just look real strong at the moment, but one bad guy and its all over. You can judge a game by how the rest of the series has gone.

The other series I wouldn't tell you what will happen. The Canes looked real strong, well their one line looked real strong, but with home ice and matchups. The Devils should be able to contain Staal, Whitney and Larose a bit better. I think we may get the best thing ever Game 7 overtime. Nothing more thrilling then those. Either way, the team that emerges will be a tough out in the 2nd round. Boston is hoping the Rangers win, because if they do pull out tonight, they'll fall apart and probably get swept in round 2. The Penguins or Hurricanes wouldn't be a good draw at the moment.

Enjoy tonight, but it only gets better from here.

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