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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round 2 predictions and preview

On to round 2 after a great round 1, and the matchups on paper look good. Let's hope they turn out that way. Round 2 sweeps are boring and unneeded. Lets get on to the matchups.

Boston vs Carolina

This should be a nice one. The Cane's are coming off a tough series, where the bounces went there way, due to them trying. When you try, you get bounces. But the Bruins are rested and ready for the Canes. The Canes are stilled filled with guys from the Cup team. And the Bruins are a good mix of young guys and vets, but many of them aren't what you call playoff performers. In Round 1, they got the worst team of the playoffs, and dismantled them easily. This will be a test. However, I don't see the Canes moving on.

Boston in 6.

Pittsburgh vs Washington

Now the NHL must have loved this. Crosby and Malkin vs Ovechkin. Its a dream. But the key matchup isn't those guys, its Fleury vs Varlamov. Fleury has been there, he knows what it takes, the kid is just out there playing. The Penguins are not the Rangers, they can put the puck in the net. The question is, which goaltender can stand stronger the longest? I think the ride is over for the Caps. They are inconsistent, and that kills in the playoffs. Plus I feel Pittsburgh has a better blueline.

Penguins in 6.

Detroit vs Anaheim

NICE! You have the skilled puck possession Wings, versus the physical grind you in the ground Ducks. Two different philosphies square off in this one. Plus the last two cup winners. The Ducks got away with one scoring line in round 1, but that won't fly against the Wings. Who are balanced and just stock full of talent. Hossa, Datysuk, Zetterberg, etc. The thing I will watch is the defense. Find me two teams with a better corp of defensement left, then the Wings and Ducks. Both sides can score, both sides lock you down, the Ducks might have the more physical unit. But whatever. Should be a fun series.

Detroit in 6

Chicago vs Vancouver

This is tough series. You might say, oh Chicago is too young. Or Vancouver just isn't good enough. But when caught in a quandry, of who to go with. I always have a default question. Who has the better goaltender? Vancouver. Roberto Luongo is so underrated and forgot about. That people don't realize when surrounded by actual NHL players, he makes a huge difference. Yes I know Khabibulin won a cup, but that was a while ago. I just think Luongo is the best in the NHL right now. And with offense and defense pretty much a wash in this matchup, I revert to my default question.

Vancouver in 7.

Round 2 should live up to the hype. And we'll left with great Semi Matchups. Boston and Pittburgh would be great. Vancouver and Detroit would also be great hockey to watch.

Could we have a rematch of last year?

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