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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bills Schedule Time

Hey the 2009 Schedule came out, which is always exciting. But in the well, we have to wait for September till any of this matters kind of way. Its like getting your classes for next semester and have to wait through the summer. Oh boy Econ 101, with Dr So and So. Well I guess that will be fun. I have the same feeling with the NFL Schedules coming out in April.

Well here it is.

Week 1Mon, Sep 14 @ New England Patriots7:00PM (ET)
Week 2 Sun, Sep 20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:05PM (ET)
Week 3Sun, Sep 27 New Orleans Saints4:05PM (ET)
Week 4Sun, Oct 04@ Miami Dolphins4:05PM (ET)
Week 5Sun, Oct 11 Cleveland Browns1:00PM (ET)
Week 6Sun, Oct 18@ New York Jets4:15PM (ET)
Week 7Sun, Oct 25@ Carolina Panthers4:05PM (ET)
Week 8Sun, Nov 01Houston Texans1:00PM (ET)
Week 9Sun, Nov 08BYE
Week 10Sun, Nov 15@ Tennessee Titans1:00PM (ET)
Week 11Sun, Nov 22@ Jacksonville Jaguars1:00PM (ET)
Week 12Sun, Nov 29Miami Dolphins1:00PM (ET)
Week 13 Thu, Dec 03New York Jets (Toronto)8:20PM (ET)
Week 14 Sun, Dec 13@ Kansas City Chiefs1:00PM (ET)
Week 15Sun, Dec 20New England Patriots1:00PM (ET)
Week 16Sun, Dec 27@ Atlanta Falcons1:00PM (ET)
Week 17Sun, Jan 03 Indianapolis Colts1:00PM (ET)

And yes I copied it from the Bills website.

Only 9 1 Oclock games, which I don't like. I hate waiting till 4. But the first two home games are going to be nice weather and long tail gates. Look out security.

Its hard to analyze, you can say it looks tough, but most schedules do. The Colts game at the end could mean nothing or a lot. The road game against Atlanta could be a good one, or the Falcons regress since people learned Matt Ryan. At Tennessee then at Jacksonville could be rough, its good the bye is the week before, because those will be physical games. But it looks like decent weather or indoors for 5 of the last 8 games. This team is weak in bad weather, they can't mentally handle it.

It gets me a little excited for Football. The draft really gets me excited, but we are getting closer to NFL football, little by little. Can't wait.

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