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Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Draft Preview

NFL Christmas weekend is almost here and I am quite excited. My strategy of limiting myself to Mel Kiper Jr. and looking at Mock Drafts have worked. I am not sick of it, or already bored of it. I'm looking forward to Saturday. I wish it was at noon still. Another reason to move to the west coast, things are at the times they should be. But anyway, after looking things over, examing what the Bills needs are, (Many, hahahaha) here are a few players for the top few picks the Bills could be looking at.


This is always a good spot. A spot where teams may want to move to, where guys can fall to and usually you have a pick of the guys you want. Hopefully that guy pans out.

Everette Brown DE FSU

Good size, good speed and good production over a couple years. The speed rusher the Bills need on other side. Whether he is there at 11 is another question. He seems like the right player the Bills need. More suitable for the 4-3, since he lacks cover skills for a Linebacker. A tweener pash rusher is always a issue, but they tend to work.

Aaron Maybin DE PSU

Another light, tall speed rusher. Some call him a one year wonder, but if you get the opportunity and excel, then its just how you play. 11 maybe a little low for Maybin, and the lack of production before the year may steer the Bills away from him.

Brian Orakpo DE Texas

Picking him would violate one my personal draft rules, Never Draft someone from University of Texas. Just don't trust them. But is the stereotypical DE. Good Size, Good speed and gets to the quarterback. Though gets to the QB through Hustle and not technique and speed. Seems like the guy a regular NFL Tackle would handle.

BJ Raji DT Boston College

With the recent rumors, he may drop to 11. But probably not. Big DT's are in vogue and will be snapped up. But if he is, the Bills may look for Stroud's replacement, or at least a partner. Not super quick, but will take up space and pressure the QB when given the opportunity. A potential great player inside. But I wouldn't hope for him to drop.

Robert Ayers LB Tennessee

The guy that is most recently stated by the Mock's to go to Buffalo at 11. Appartantly they like the hustle and drive. But another 1 year guy, and that was during his Senior year, prior to that, you didn't get much. A versatile guy, so thats a good thing. But if you are looking for a DE here, look elsewhere. Maybe a big linebacker instead, which the Bills could also need. As long as he doesn't have to cover.

Michael Oher OT Ole Miss

A man that a lot of people know already from the book The Blind Side, which is a great read. The Bills with the recent Peters trade are in the market for a LT, so Oher would make sense. But there are a lot of negatives for him. And 11, might be high and the Bills don't want another LT bust on their hands.

GCFB's Pick Everette Brown. The player I feel the Bills need. But what do I know?


Now 28 is a tough spot, its where you get falling players, reaches and guys that are borderline 1st round players and maybe you can get them farther into the 2nd. But it could work out for the Bills at 28, since they have many needs.

Brandon Pettigrew TE Ok State

A guy the Bills could take at 11, but could with possible off the field incidents, could slide all the way done. A "complete" Tight End, didn't have a touchdown last year. Which concerns me, since TE's should always have touchdowns. I'm not a big TE is important guy. I think a couple reliable pass catchers who can block is all you need. The Gates and Gonzalez's are rare. But if he is here at 28 I think the Bills will take him.

Alex Mack C Cal

The Center of the draft. A solid can't miss player. Smart, physical and strong. If Pettigrew is gone, center maybe a reach at 28 and by reaching I mean there is a theory Centers shouldn't be taken high. Center maybe the most important position on the line. With Mack you could move Hangartner to Guard with Butler as the otherGuard and have Walker and Chambers as your Tackles.

Clay Matthews LB USC

From a NFL family. He went from walk on to possible 1st round pick. But was surrounded by talent at USC, so he might look better then he actually is. Looks to be a gym rat who will work hard and not take a play off. Also could be long gone by 28, so it may not be an issue.

James Lauriniatus LB Ohio St.

The stereotypical hustle guy, but maybe too small a tad slow for the NFL. May give you lots of effort, but sometimes you need more then that. Probably a 1st round guy due to reputation and not in what he'll actually give you. But wouldn't be a bust. Just not 1st round material.

Eben Britton OT Arizona

Another borderline guy at 28, with his lack of strength and more a pass blocker then run blocker. But if the Bills turn into a pass happy offense, which is dumb for Buffalo, he's the man. Especially if they don't go with a Tackle at 11. I would say its a long shot, but its an option.

GCFB's Pick-- Pettigrew. If he's there he's the pick, if not I would pick up Alex Mack.

Well I'll have round 2 and 3 later. And that will be the last of my predictions, after that its just a guess, and pointless. I'll let the experts take over.

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