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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do.

Well I know I don' update much on the Bisons. But really the buzz on them is rather low in this town. They use to be a big draw, but now people have other outlets and forget about the Bisons. And with their impending breakup with the Indians, it brings an end to that long standing relationship. Of course in todays paper is the story on Columbus' new ball park. (with the clever headline Indians discover Columbus)

Its like the Indians have already moved on. Columbus seems to be more a Indians town then Buffalo. The bigger crowds come out for the Scranton and Pawtucket games, the Yankee and Red Sox affiliates. Really are there many "Bison" fans out there. People want to associate themselves with the Major leagues, so they are Sox fan or Yankee fans or Met fans. Because its easier that way. You don't have just Bisons fans. Its hard to have a favorite player then have him leave because hes too good. Guys come and go and theres no consistency. You can come once a month and the lineup is probably completely different every time. People don't like that. So you come down to DTP and root for the team, or just to have a good time, they don't win, no big deal its fun.

The team could be winless and I doubt attendance would be affected that much. Attendance appears to be pretty normal, even though the Bisons are 8 games under .500. The weather is really more the factor. The terrible may and early June probably put a dent in business. If things shape up, the crowds should be better and the atmosphere better.

But what about the team? Whats there to see? Whats there to get excited about? Well the team is offensively challenged right now. Especially with the trade of Herr, for basically nothing. They brought in Morgan Ensberg, who has been terrible. All the good pitching prospects at the beginning of the season are either in Cleveland or hurt. Leaving Matt Ginter as the staff ace with a 4.43 ERA. Besides Jordan Brown and Michael Aubrey the team is full of minor leaguers. But I guess with the upcoming switch, different guys. So next year will even be more confusing.

I guess the same old reasons apply to head down to Dunn Tire Park, Fireworks on Fridays, watching baseball on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and enjoying ballpark food. It may be 20 years old. But thats when a ball park hits its stride.


Cleveland just signed 2 more players for the Bisons.

Tony Graffanino and Juan Rincon!


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