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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A comment on the Lynch thing.

For the right price I'll say I was driving this on Saturday morning.

Well its been several days since the Lynch story broke and yesterday was the big show put on by the police department for not a big crime. And now a lot more information is available.

DeGeorge would only describe Lynch as “a key figure” in what he called a fairly typical hit-and-run probe.

Then whats the need for a press conference? Hell today theres a guy their looking for that might have killed someone, and they just have a press release. A press release would have been fine. Really they have nothing other then trying to make Lynch comment on it, otherwise known as doing their job by helping the police not have to do any legwork. He's not commenting on it, because his attorney tells him not to. Especially for a minor incident. Really its 330 am, at Chippewa. Have you been down there, I'm surprised more people don't get hit by cars. People just dart into traffic. No, I'm not excusing the incident, you have to be cautious and stop if you hit someone. But of course if you're drinking, you might panic and just get out of dodge. Which I think is what happened. Someone darted out, the driver wasn't in the right mindset and Ms Shpeley was hit and said driver panicked and drove home.

I was listening to Degeorge, former Channel 2 sports guy who was fired, on the Schopp and Bulldog show. And something he said came back today with this article. When asked where the car was found, he painted it like it was near the house, but parked away down the street. But in the News article, the car was parked in the driveway. Not the action of someone who hit and ran.

I think we all know what buffalo cameras can do, I highly doubt they can see the driver, so really they are doing what they can for Lynch to confess. His attorney knows this and as long as he keeps his client from talking, nothing will happen criminally. Civil wise, sure he'll get sued, his car created damage. Pay the woman, story done with, go play football. People act like he has to do all this stuff, he doesn't have to do a damn thing, make the police prove their case.

This case wouldn't even go to a county court level, this is a city court case that will probably get pled down to disorderly conduct and he'll do some community service, whoever the driver was.

I'll comment more when more news develops.

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