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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I take apart Bucky so you don't have to.

Once again Bucky Gleason tries to be the GM of the Sabres to put the team together for next year. Him being the smart prognosticator of salaries. Oh what did you think Derek Roy would get again? Has put out his new article on being the GM. And its not that horrible from the usual crap so, lets take a peek at the good and bad. (yes there is some good)

Actually, playing general manager for a day was an enlightening experience. It gave me new appreciation for the pressure Sabres GM Darcy Regier has been under throughout his career. General managers are in delicate positions. They need to support their players while making cold, objective assessments of them.

Really? You've covered hockey for how long now? And that came to some shock, that a manager has to evaluate and make tough decisions. LIKE EVERY BUSINESS OWNER IN THE WORLD. Once again showing newspaper people are detached from normal people.

Enough is enough with Afinogenov, who should be traded before unrestricted free agency opens July 1. Look past the flashy moves. He’s the most overrated offensive player in the league. He’s never scored more than 23 goals in a season. He has 10 goals and 23 points in 49 career playoff games. He routinely draws his linemates offside, commits way too many turnovers, isn’t dependable on defense – he was a team-worst minus-16 last season – and couldn’t lead his team in prayer. Otherwise, he’s terrific.

Mmm, I agree 100%. Good job Bucky good start to the new year. Actual fact based analysis of a player and why he needs to be shipped out, looks like bloggers are rubbing off on you Mr Gleason.

Hey, we all make mistakes. I blew it big time with Derek Roy.
My blunder last year was listing his suggested salary ($800,000) on a chart without explanation. It was based on a three-year, $3.1 million contract Jason Pominville received the previous summer. Roy, a third-line center when playing with Drury and Briere, signed a six-year deal worth $24 million as a first-liner and was worth every nickel. Now, with free agency approaching, there’s a different set of problems.

Admitting mistakes? WAHHHHHH???? Mmm, maybe Bucky has turned a new leaf on things and is being accountable and thinking things through. So what about Miller Bucky?

Miller’s contract is tricky. On one side, the Sabres need to provide evidence that they’re headed in the right direction and committed to building a winner in order to keep him. On the other, Miller must convince management that he’s worth big money.

Ok so far so good.

He was overused last season, which hurt his overall game and made many question his value. He’s a good goalie, but he’s not an elite one. Could he become a top goalie with better defensemen around him? It’s the $6 million question.

I like where this is going.

Sorry, but at this point, I have a difficult time paying Miller more than Kiprusoff and Brodeur. Plus, a long-term deal in Miller’s case would be risky for both sides.

Mmm I agree with that.

A three-year deal worth $17 million that would pay him $5.25 million the first year, $5.75 million the second year and $6 million the third would be more than fair and makes more sense. It’s still quite a boost from his $3.5 million salary for 2008-09.

Ohhhhhh, so close, yet so far away. Not in a million years would Ryan Miller agree to that. He wants 5 to 7 years at least. Settling for this as your option, ruins your whole outlook from the start. Some things don't change

If he plays well, he gets back to the bargaining table sooner and can make his case for more money. If he doesn’t, the Sabres aren’t shackled by a long-term deal built on potential. If that doesn’t work, well, there’s hardly a shortage on good goaltenders who could be had for $5 million or less.

Hey isn't that reasoning behind the Brian Campbell offer last year. WHICH WAS BLASTED BY EVERYONE, yet your giving it for Ryan Miller who is more important then a borderline All Star in Brian Campbell?

Ok moving on... to Defensemen.

Enter Brooks Orpik, an unrestricted free agent who plays with the edge Buffalo has lacked for years. Forget that Orpik was raised in East Amherst. He’s the real deal and would be ideal for the Sabres. He established himself as a solid stay-at-home defenseman during Pittsburgh’s run to the Stanley Cup finals.

Mike Commodore is a gritty player who would help lead a young dressing room and become a fan favorite. Think: Rhett Warrener’s attitude with Ronald McDonald’s Afro. He lacks mobility and offers little offensively, but he would provide more beef without breaking the bank. He made $1.3 million last season.

You want a veteran leader? Philly’s Jason Smith made $1.9 million last season and is an unrestricted free agent. You want offense? John-Michael Liles is an intriguing player who would help replace Campbell without the cost. Liles is small (5-foot- 10, 185), but he averaged 41 points over the past three seasons. He and Miller were teammates at Michigan State and remain good friends. He made $1.4 million last season.

Other then Commodore, I don't argue with his picks, though he doesn't guess the salaries, which proves problems. Well he does for Orpik, and puts together a deal that sounds right. He goes with the ok to overpay, yet its wrong for Spacek? I'm still weary on guys coming off stanley cup teams. I think next year Orpik will have a down year, but thats my opinion. Liles will come cheap, since hes small and his value has declined, plus the Miller factor. Jason Smith ain't coming here, so forget it.

Ok, what about backup goalie and forwards. This is where Bucky falls apart and just phones it in. Really just dealing with the guys on the team who are restricted? Great, but those won't be trouble cases. Gaustad, Bernier and Paille all can be had at reasonable prices. No reason to spend the most time on them. Its obvious some outside talent needs to be brought in.

There still should be enough money to sign a veteran forward, depending on how much is spent upgrading the defense. Pittsburgh’s Ryan Malone or Calgary’s Kristian Huselius could work in the budget with some creative maneuvering.

Clarence-raised workhorse Kevyn Adams made just $650,000 last season and would come cheap. He’s a leader who kills penalties and has won a Stanley Cup. Chicago gushed over his work with young players there, and he’s healthy again.

None of those guys are coming here. Adams has been a free agent for what seems every year, and never signs here? Its obvious Darcy or Kevyn doesn't want to be here. Ryan Malone will be way too expensive for his talent, and Huselius is crazy to leave Jarome Iginla. Oh then he says eh maybe start a talk about an extension for Pominville. WHAT? He is the captain, there is no try thats do. And on July 2nd I want a 6 year extension signed for Pominville. He's the real deal.

And him not even giving us names for backup goalies, come on Bucky thats lazy. Its pretty easy to look at a list and pick a few names. Watch.

(goes to
(clicks on free agent list and sorts by goalies)
(looks over list)

Alex Auld
Wade Dubielewicz

There two guys who would be adequate backups and hell for good measure Curtis Sanford. Bam, it was that easy.

Well it wasn't crap, but Mr. Gleason could have spent a couple more minutes really putting something together, then putting something together that most bloggers could put together. And we expect better from those employed to write for a living.

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