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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mmm lets look into this further.

Umm, where is the word Buffalo? I never noticed till someone pointed it out. Kissing Suzy Kolber did a great job on it already. But its like saying Bills Toronto Series, could be flipped to Toronto Bills and you got the logo for the team already. I don't mind the logo itself. But I guess it doesn't get rid of any fears that Bills fan may have about the team moving 2 hours north. Which brings up a interesting debate. Would that be the worse thing ever?

Sure we BUFFALO Bills fans, would love to have the team here in the WNY area. Since its not to expensive to go, its a fun time and its our team. It represents us in a way. (Which is stupid) But if the Bills moved to Toronto, they wouldn't be far away and actually going to a Bills game maybe a special event. You kinda take for granted something you can just get a ticket to, but when you have to wait and pay a lot of money to see, it seems like a treat. Because the ticket prices would jump into the top 10 or even top 5 of the league overnight. But the thing is they are still right around the corner in the large scope of things. They would be on tv every week. It would be easy to follow them and with the extra revenue would turn into a big money player in the league with the Patriots, Redskins and Cowboys. Now instead of seeing big money free agents and knowing the Bills don't have a chance. You would know think, hey maybe they will sign with us.

The time it would really hurt, would be, if it ever happened, the Bills won the Superbowl. And the parade goes right down Yonge St. Instead of happening in Niagara Sq. That point, you might as well be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, because the parade ain't around here. Sure I could switch teams, but whats the point? I'm never going to feel the way I do for the Browns or Steelers or Texans, as I do with the Bills. So I probably still root for them. Its the same players. They just play somewhere else. They aren't from here, they are all imports, so what does it matter if they play in the Rogers Centre instead of Ralph Wilson Stadium. Toronto would be much better then if the team moved to LA. Where it would be very hard to follow them.

Lets just hope this decision won't have to be made for many years to come.

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