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Friday, June 27, 2008

Today the Marshawn thing will be over.

Lynch hearing he had to give a public apology.

Well today Marshawn Lynch will give a public apology about the incident today in front of the DMV. Does he have to wait in line, because that would make things 50 times worse. But notice in the article what he is apologizing for.

Lynch is expected to make a brief public statement, admitting that he drove the vehicle that struck an Ontario woman and apologizing to the Buffalo Bills and their fans.

Lynch is expected to say that he didn't know his vehicle had struck anyone and that he's sorry about the injuries Kimberley Shpeley, 27, suffered on May 31.
He doesn't apologize to her, he does to the fans and the organization, only he's sorry that she got injured. Ahhh the old never say your really sorry trick. Also by never really taking any responsibility for the action, just that it was an accident because of what?

Lynch, in explaining why he didn't know he had struck a pedestrian, has told investigators that he was distracted by the sight of another woman who was dancing in the street while crossing Delaware Avenue. He also told investigators that his car stereo was on at the time of the accident.

Ah yes the dancing girl and music. Where is this dancing girl and why hasn't she come forward. IT was her fault that this girl was hit and hurt. Her fault all along. If she wasn't the distraction. Mr Lynch would have noticed Ms Shpeley and avoided her. Why has she not been prosecuted for this case. This is an outrage. This poor man gets raked through the mud, for a month, while this "dancing girl" gets away scott free. He probably has to pay more car insurance now. I hope shes happy, that someone has to take the rap, for her disgraceful actions. And I'm sure as Mr Lynch apologizes and shows how contrite he really is, she'll be back on Chippewa tonight, dancing the night away. Disgraceful.

Things Marshawn will also apologize for...

The livery building collapse

The sewage in the Commercial Slip

High gas prices, Beast mode uses a lot of oil

The Mckinley high scandal

Bucky Gleason

Really in the end, Marshawn is the real victim here.

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