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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn's coming look out!

Well I guess I should comment on the whole Marshawn Lynch thing, since everybody has an opinion and I shall voice mine.

Well it looks like he'll plea guilty to a traffic violation tomorrow, according to the Buffalo News. Which of course will bring out the "I'd be in Jail since I'm a normal guy" crowd. Which is not true. Lets divulge some personal information on myself. I do background research as a living. So I know how courts work and what kind of punishment crimes get in this area. And when something is initially charged as a misdemeanor, it will either be settled to a lower misdemeanor or a violation. Which in this case is exactly what happened. The police ALWAYS charge higher to get at least a decent conviction. They will throw every little charge they can so there is some kind of conviction. This applies to everyone from star athletes to drug dealers. And we are dealing with Frank Clark, so criminals never really get that much punishment.

Well from the initial reports. I knew nothing really bad was going to come from the incident. The police tried to make it sound worse then it was. When I heard they found it in the driveway, I was like oh well thats not the action of someone who hit and ran. They probably never knew they hit anyone. Plus the victim got up on her own power. Total diver. But of course it the situation was dragged out and it made it worse then it was. He probably did the right thing, but the police leaked things to make Marshawn look bad, which is kind of pointless. OOOOOO he brought his own liquor into a bar. Guess what CHARGE HIM A CORKING FEE! You'd think having a celebrity in your place would be a good thing, a way of drumming up more buzz. But of course people are stupid in this town. And that fact rears its head on local radio shows.

Listening to just an hour of Schopp and Chris Parker, just made me crazy. Just all these guys call up going, if it were me I'd be in jail. No you wouldn't. And this bringing alcohol in a club thing takes away respect for Marshawn for Chris Parker, just makes me shake my head. I don't get why he harps over and over on this point. I'm sure 95% of Buffalonians could care less. Then they were like well wouldn't you know if you hit something, and a piece of the car fell off, they should feel it. Not necessarily. Hey they could have been drinking, there is probably a kick ass sound system in the car, and those babies vibrate and could deafen any other sound. There are so many ifs and what ifs, who knows where the truth really lies. The truth is, he probably nicked this woman with the left front bumper. Never saw her, didn't feel it and just headed home. A accident.

He gets charged with a violation, she'll get her medical costs paid for and then some, and by September no one will care, when Lynch is scoring Touchdowns.

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