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Monday, June 30, 2008

Gaustad signed.

There would be a picture of Goose, but it seems I can't upload a picture here.
So just imagine Goose and you'll get it.

Well according to TSN, Gaustad signed a 4 year deal.

The Buffalo Sabres have re-signed forward Paul Gaustad to a four-year, $9.2 million contract.

Gaustad will earn $1.7 million in the first year of the deal, and $2.5 million per year for the remaining three years.

Well thats maybe a bit more then I was thinking. But I won't argue with it. Goose is an important part of the team and only getting better as the years roll by. I guess role players that score 10 to 15 goals are 2.5 million dollar players. But 1.7 isn't a bad number for next year. And will kick off free agency on a positive note.

More I'm sure tomorrow

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