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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The other guys.

Well here are the rest of the draft picks I promised I'd analyze. Well tell you who they are and if they are worth anything. So lets get going

2nd round 44th pick Luke Adam Left Wing.

A big power forward type that really emerged this year in St Johns with 30 goals and 66 points. Darcy said they wanted to get bigger and this shows he wasn't kidding around. He'll have some time to mature and play in Junior and probably in Portland in 2 years. So theres time for him to grow as a player and not have any pressure.

Hope: Paul Gaustad with scoring touch
Fear: Michael Grosek.
Facebook: Yes, and is friends with last years 2nd round pick TJ Brennon.

3rd Round 81st pick Cory Fienhage Defense.

A high schooler who is going to North Dakota, so already we know hes a good player. Because the Fightin Sioux ain't taking crap. Don't really know when hes coming on board. Could be 4 to 5 years. He might be traded 3 times before evening seeing NHL ice. Looks like hes more the defensive defensemen type.

Hope: Mike Ramsey
Fear: Any defensemen who doesn't make it out of college.
Facebook? Yes

4th round 101st pick Justin Jokinen

The second straight Minnesota high schooler, he is a Center though and appears to be the team leader kind. But really the best player on most high school teams is a leader, which means absolutely nothing to me. But to be in high school and taken in the 4th round has to mean something right?

Hope: Um Chris Drury?
Fear: no Fear on him.
Facebook? Yes

4th Round 104th pick Jordon Southorn

Another defensemen in the plan to restock the defense corp in the draft. The Montreal native had 31 points last year in the QMJHL. So another of the guys who have time to develop. Or be a complete nobody and selling insurance in 4 years.

Hope: Toni Lydman
Facebook? Of course he's 18.

5th round 134th pick Jacob Lagace

I really want him to develop because I think it would be neat to have a Sabre with the name Lagace. It just flows. But he has one year in the "Q" and a pretty productive one in that. Looks to be a late developer. The type of guy who was given nothing and worked for everything. I think he could be the darkhorse in this draft class. Look out for Jake a couple years from now.

Hope: Jason Pominville
Facebook? Yes, (the 2nd one in the search)

6th Round 164th Round Nick Crawford Defense

A guy not even ranked coming into the draft, the guy that Mel Kiper would go, um uhhh, played well in Saginaw last year? From the stats looks like a stay at home defense type guy. But not a ton of penalty minutes. I would like to say he could come from nowhere, but I think Portland will be as high as he goes.

Hope: Mike Funk
Facebook? can't find one

Well thats the draft class for 2008. Which we can only hope that some of the guys develop into decent nhl players. Its not like the NFL draft where a 3rd round pick who doesn't play is a disappointment. Where in the NHL a 3rd round pick who makes the NHL is a great thing. But we'll see I'm sure everybody will be interested in Tyler Myers over anyone else. But looking at past drafts, it looks like some guys are developing, or least the minors will be well stocked in case of injury.

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