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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stanley Cup Fallout


Well the Red Wings are your Stanley Cup Champions, which I picked them to win in 6 at the beginning of the series, who is a genius? Well not me, but it looks good now. Since I didn't pick a Cup winner at the beginning of the playoffs, but did pick the Wings and Pens to win every series they were in, I feel like I picked the winner of the cup in April. Aren't I a genius.

Well i love the picture above because its ironic. You have Marian Hossa depressed, spent and looks like he just heard his dog got run over. And he's leaning on a Jackpot sign. Which is exactly what he'll get in July. He is the top dog free agent and after the playoffs he had, a playoff performer now. He actually raised his price tag from ridiculous to you gotta be kidding me. Hell he might make 15 million next year. The guy was stuck in atlanta, not doing anything. Was labeled a chocker in the playoffs, then gets traded to Pittsburgh and he's practically clutch. The question is where does he sign?

Its not in Buffalo thats for sure, Pittsburgh? Well if takes a hometown discount, which I doubt, maybe. But he'll go to one of the bigger markets, maybe Toronto, maybe DC, maybe the Rangers Hossa to replace Jagr. That would be very smart. Well it doesn't matter because Mr Hossa, is going to become Mr. Money bags. Which shows once again the importance of the contract year. You get a bunch of guys wanting a new contract, and your team excels.

Well the Red Wings are your 2007-2008 Cup Champions. Which puts a end to the year. Now we await the Draft, where the Sabres pick guys we have never heard of, but expect them to turn into Hall of Famers. So no Pressure Darcy and the video drafting crew, its not like you need to draft good young talent, because you can go out in free agency and pick up those players, oh wait. Yeah, you better draft well.

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