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Thursday, June 12, 2008

So what did I miss?

Well I got back from the Windy City on Tuesday, and yes I had internet at the hotel, The Blackstone stay there when you hit up Chicago, worth every penny, I still missed a few things.

  • Well looks like the Marshawn Lynch thing is ramping up, to where its a full fledged media event. So the Buffalo Police went to Orchard Park and got nothing, shocking. What did they expect Lynch to break and go, damn it I did it. This isn't law and order. Lawyers are smarter and clients aren't going to admit anything unless they get out of it well. But if you want to blame Marshawn go ahead, but the lawyer is making all the calls, and good RB listens to what play is being called.
  • In sad new Mitch Frerotte died yesterday. For us young fans, he was always a fan favorite the crazy guy surrounded by superstars, on the same level as Ray Bentley. With him always being between a football player and a pro wrestler. He died of a heart issue, and it gets me thinking if the crazy guy wasn't on something. Certain things do some damage on the heart. Or he just had a weak heart. He had a big heart, maybe it wasn't big enough to contain all his energy.
  • Dominik Hasek retired, again. Probably for good this time. The greatest Sabre in my lifetime. I didn't see Perrault, and Lafontaine wasn't around that long, and never guided the team to a Stanley Cup, let alone almost 2 appearances. The guy is one of the most decorated goalies ever. Sure he left on bad terms. But its time to forgive and forget, put the 39 in the rafters.
  • And the Sabres official switched to Portland. With all the signings and with the press conference it looks like the Sabres will be active in making the Pirates good. I think Rochester just pushed them too far and they made them pay for it. Tried to buy them, didn't work, so they moved a tad north into hockey country. It will be interesting to see if the Pirates actually do play a game here, because it would be interesting to see them and all the kids in the system. We'll see them sooner then later. I think its going to be a active offseason for the Blue and Gold, call me Naive.
  • Oh and the Bills sold out 5 games already. With only the Patriots and 49ers game left, the season looks to be all sold out before July. With already 52k Season ticket holders, the decision to cut games here, seems to have worked like a charm. I haven't seen tickets go this quick in quite a while. And to all those that should have said move the Niners game up North, well that just became a hot ticket didn't it?
  • And in todays news, Bills cut two players. QB Luke Drone and TE Teyo Johnson. I guess Teyo wasn't the answer at TE after all. Oh well at least we won't fool ourselves in training camp. By the way that can't start soon enough.

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