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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gettin Served

Well three players, Christian Gaddis, Steve Johnson and James Hardy, were served by the DA in the Lynch case the other day. Which I'm sure they were happy to get. A couple Bills officials were also subpoenaed, with these three players. The guys who were also in the car with Lynch. And you may go oh man this could be bad, all one of these guys gotta do is, go, yeah I was behind the wheel. Totally didn't think we hit anyone, actually I thought somebody threw something at the car. You know the average Chippewa douche bag, trying to impress a lady.

That right there ends the case. I'll say Steve Johnson does it. Christian Gaddis looks too nice of a guy and James Hardy would have gotten out of the car and pulled a piece out on someone. If he pulls a piece out on his dad (allegedly) imagine someone he doesn't know. In my opinion, this case is losing steam and they are using their only tool to get anything out of this minor case. Really there isn't much here, there isn't much punishment. Its lucky to finish in a Disorderly conduct conviction in my eyes.

Here's how the Grand Jury can go.

Asst DA: So, Mr Johnson who was behind the wheel on that night of 5/31?

Steve Johnson: I was sir.

Asst DA: Well many witnesses say they saw Mr Lynch behind the wheel of the car. Are you lying to the court sir?

Steve Johnson: No, we both have dreads and look pretty similar from behind, especially when its dark and raining out, I'm sure they were mistaken.

Asst DA: I have no further questions.

Boom, case over. Its that easy. Plus Steve Johnson looks like a great teammate, and hell he could have been driving. Who knows. And for all the people who say Marshawn should come clean, why? Make the police do their job. Make the system work. Would it be easier for everyone if the truth came out, maybe. But hey its a model client for any lawyer. And I'm sure he's seen many guys railroaded already. So why play along. Let the system do its thing and just like most things that are left to run their course. Will accomplish nothing much.

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