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Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting all Excited part 2

Covering Defense in the first part was way more important then what we are covering now. The Sabres are heavy at forwards. Thats why I think trades are becoming a more possible solution then free agent pickups. Like going into the 2005-2006 season, signings were happening left and right and the Sabres only tinkered, they knew they had a good lineup and started the process years before. But they are at the point where they might have to do it again. Thats why Max, Ales and Timmy are probably out there to unload some salary to bring some fresh faces in. But, all 3 are UFA's next year. And my thought with UFA's are they are going to play balls out all year, to make bank next year. But trading one or two of them actually might be smart, so you "don't lose them for nothing", which is one my most hated phrases.

So who could be some forwards the Sabres target to fill out the lineup, say they create some room. Characteristics, experience, skill and leadership abilities. Oh yeah and not expensive.

Kevyn Adams

Why not lead it off with another local boy. Is good with the kids, and the Sabres are gonna be young again. So a cheap two way forward who would be good on the 4th line with Kaleta and Mair. Hasn't played a lot in the past few years, so there might be some tread on those tires. But he has been available for some years, and Sabres never seem to sniff around. Might be time to bring Kevyn home to end his career.

Verdict: A good depth forward, with a cup on his resume.

Michael Peca

Plenty of rumors out there he'd like to come back, but only if he takes a price cut. He isn't what he was when he was here a decade ago. Captain Crunch is a little soggy these days, with injury issues and lack of scoring. But could provide that grit and leadership the Sabres could use.

Verdict: If he'll take a Million, I'd think about it.

Stu Barnes

Another old Sabre, been here, so he might think of coming back. Still has some left in tank, and always could use a good 3rd line guy with him and Goose. I think Sabre fans could get behind the bringing back of Stu. I think he likes it in Dallas so I doubt he'd leave, unless they didn't offer him anything.

Verdict: Bring back Stu, if you can Darcy

Brendan Morrison

Probably on the too expensive side. But if Darcy wanted to bring in a big name, quality scorer, heres the guy I'd bring in. Good on the power play. Could slap him on the top line or 2nd line, dropping even more quality scoring onto lower lines. Become that every shift dangerous team they use to be.

Verdict: Never going to happen, but its fun to dream.

Cory Stillman

Now here is that vet forward the Sabres could use. Good on the power play, plenty of experience Cup experience. A guy that knows his role and is never really paid that much for the production he provides. A consistent 20 goal scorer, which the sabres could always need more of, and probably cheaper then Max.

Verdict: If they can get a 2 or 3 year deal at 2.5 per, I would go ahead and do it.

Pascal Dupuis

A guy that probably isn't high on any radar, but a good addition to any squad. More of a checking line forward, who is another penalty killer. Could be gotten I think for a Million per year.

verdict: Only if you can get cheap, otherwise a dime a dozen player. Dan Paille is probably a better Pascal Dupuis

Matt Cooke

Theres something I like about Matt Cooke, he can get in there and agitate, and if he were on the 4th line, I'd think it would add just a little extra offensive danger to Mair and Kaleta. He's getting 1.5 now, which maybe too much, but in the agitator market, maybe a deal compared to Avery.

Verdict: If stays at current salary, maybe a good option.

Owen Nolan

Older then dirt, been around forever. But yet has had double digits in goals the last two years. Probably great in the locker room. A guy that will play hungry. Don't have to sign him to a long deal which Darcy must love and will be a fan favorite.

Verdict: Won't happen, but one can hope.

Radim Vrbata

Emerged this year on the Coyotes in a contract year (Beware!) But had steady numbers before. Could be coming into his own right now, and probably a nice addition to Roy and Vanek. His price tag might be higher then thought, due to the forwards flying off the market. Probably will be too pricey and not the right player.

Verdict: Ain't gonna happen.

The forward market is top heavy and bottom heavy, deals can be had, but those middle line guys, like Stillman, could be more then thought. Teams have money and are willing to spend it. The Sabres would only need to pick up one cheap forward to add some more experience. But I wouldn't look to much action in this department.

Next Goalies.

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