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Monday, June 2, 2008

Roller Derby Recap

Thats what the ladies were fighting for on Saturday Night.

Well on Saturday Night, it was the Suicidal Saucies vs the Nickel City Knockouts for the first ever Queen City Cup. I was going in excited for my team the NCKO's who looked good the last time out and the Saucies barely escaped their last match with a win. Though I was without my Derby partner, my girlfriend, who was in Ireland. So jealous, it would have been nice to take her, since she enjoys it so much. The crowd was excited another packed house at the Rainbow Rink. Though there are empty seats, many people stand. So really it is standing room only because of bad viewing areas. But the crowd somehow split itself in half. Saucies fan on one side Knockout fans on the other side.

The ladies were ready to go.

Well this one got off to a slow start for the Knockouts, they struggled to get their jammer through and the Saucies weren't doing much either. It was 16-2 before I knew it, but he Knockouts got going and and cut it to 16-12, when the jams to end all jams happened. The saucies what seemed developed a defensive strategy similar to a trap. The jammer of the KO's would get in the middle of the pack and disappear, while the Saucies jammer would skate around the outside and just rack up points. It was also the return to form of a one Mexicali Bruise, who was recovering from giving birth several months before. She was back to her fantastic self, and it didn't hurt they found another jammer just as good in Bikini Whacks. It was close then it wasn't

That was the start of the end of things.

The second got going. And it was 20 minutes of pure domination. I never saw a period where one team just absolutley suffocated another team and made them quit. I know the ladies won't admit it, but most times they looked defeated and tired and just went through the motions.

Thats right almost 17 minutes into the period, they scored 2 points in it.

After the 2nd, knockout fans gave a polite clap, but we all know it was over. They were beat, hammered and tired. But the third had only one question, how chippy would it get. Sweets had already delivered a major cheapshot, she got away with. Making the Saucie fans very angry. But the third was a tough period, both teams looking to show they weren't giving up and sending a message. The Saucies Enforcer, ironically named, Nforceher, was all over the track putting people down. But eventually the match came to an end and a end to the season.

The Knockouts made it a little closer.

So your 2008 Queen City Cup Champions the Suicidal Saucies.

They are lifting a cup, its tough to take pictures in that damn roller rink, leave me alone.

Well I can't wait for next year.

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