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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Selling out

Well even more good news appeared today for those secondary market ticket sellers. That the only game left for individual ticket buyers will be the December 28 closer against the Patriots. Obviously now turning into a hot Christmas gift. That means with highest season ticket sales in 15 years, and only one game left to buy, that the Toronto game has in effect helped Bills home sales. Not only do they get a large cash cow in the Toronto package. They sell out the season before it even starts. I can't remember when that happened. Probably in the Super Bowl years.

So for all the whiners that they should have had the Dolphins game at home, for one of the low selling ones, well what about now? The season is practically is sold out. So I guess it doesn't matter anyway. And I'm sorry the Dolphins rivalry ain't what it used to be. With Brian Cox and Dan Marino. The 49ers game is a week after the Grey Cup, so maybe they needed the extra week to promote the game. Plus getting the Rogers Centre ready for the game. I'm sure it takes several weeks and the Argos may make a championship run.

With this news, the line for the final game when individuals come out should be long, well long with ticket brokers. That game won't last very long. I'm sure there is only 2000 or so left. So this whole Toronto deal, has created a shortage, and in a way drove up demand, with lower package prices. Its already a genius business decision. Of course it may pave the way for a move to Toronto, but thats in the long term. I care about the short term. And the short term tells me, the stadium will be rocking, and I can see it on tv every week next year.

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