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Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Excited part 3

Well here we are at the final part of the Free Agency preview, and by that I mean players the Sabres may go out and sign. Thats why we did not mention Campbell or Hossa, and we won't mention Huet here either. So lets go into Goalies, which the Sabres need to sign.

Qualities- Cheap, trustworthy and able to stop pucks.

Jean Sebastian Aubin

Hey he and Ryan Miller could trade Your Momma jokes during long plane rides. That would be the only upside to signing Mr Aubin. A pretty average goalie in all ways. Below 500 record, a career 2.93 GAA and a .900 sv% and its gotten worse over the years.

Verdict: Your momma said you have a bigger 5 hole then she does.

Alex Auld

Was pretty terrible for the Panthers and Coyotes, before coming to Boston. Where his numbers were pretty good. 2.32 GAA and a .919 sv%. The Bruins game I went to had Alex Auld go and play out of his mind. My girlfriend (a former lacrosse goalie) was very impressed with his positioning. So hes big and has good training. Unfortunately the goalie market is piss poor. So he could get more then hes really worth. But hes my first choice.

Verdict: Yes, unless the bidding goes way too high.

Ray Emery

Umm, uhh no.

David Aebischer

A guy who lost a job to Auld and Tellqvist, waived, sent to the AHL, then Loaned to the Swiss League. I'm not sure if he wants to come back, but really his numbers aren't terrible and a guy on a 1 year deal looking to redeem himself, might be worthwhile. He would be cheap, and he has a history in the NHL. Since the lockout he has been average to bad, but a winter in the swiss league may have changed his outlook. Could be a very strong possibility.

Verdict: Not on any radar and could be had cheap.

Ty Conklin

Conk Block is not coming back, and he'll be too pricey now.

Curtis Sanford

Another one of those who? Goaltenders. But he was backing up Luongo in Vancouver after fizzling out in St Louis. Not terrible numbers, but nothing exciting. A guy you can have on the cheap and will fill in when necessary.

Verdict: Not my first choice, but if cost is a factor a possible signing.

Well a backup goalie signing isn't exciting news and won't be when the Sabres finally ink someone. But Sabre fans might have to get use to the fact that maybe the only signing outside the organization they make.

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