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Friday, June 27, 2008


Stole from the site, what are you gonna do about it?

Well I think everybody in the sports blog-o-sphere knows that Will Leitch is moving on from Deadspin, which to me is Will Leitch. I guess now its taking on a multi writer approach that is more a brand then one man's view. I think Will doesn't really know what he created. He is the face of the new sports journalism. You could say so is Bill Simmons, but Bill is a bit different. I've been a fan of Bill's for quite a while. I went to everyday for their chats and Page 2. It was a place where I could see the funnier stories in sports without scouring the internet and looking at every towns paper. At the time I was a big fan of the Dan Shanoff column and then his daily chat show. At the time it seemed to be the big thing. But one day I heard about the 7th floor crew at Miami and did some internet searching. It was there I saw Deadspin. Thats right way back in 2005. And look at the comments. 2! If that story was posted today, there would be 1000. I looked through it and saw look, its exactly what I want. Sort of a depot of funny stories and sports views. I came back often, and enjoyed it. The comments got better and made the site better.

Then one day I think Shanoff posted a link to deadspin, and was like oooo Dan Shanoff knows about it, it must be pretty legit. A self vindication I was reading something quality and not some garbage. It was there I found Which eventually made me comfortable to comment on a blog. Before I was a reader and not a commenter. I wish I got a comment access at deadspin way back, now its like finding a golden ticket to get into the wonka factory. I would read these blogs daily, and thought I could do it. Well I made a Myspace blog and did it daily to practice. But never really created my own sports blog till October of 2007, when I also met the love of my life. My girlfriend is way more important then my blog, but I love my blog. It drives the creative side of me. She drives the other good parts of me. Really my better half times 1000

Well deadspin, itself has generated so many offshoots, Kissing Suzy Kolber, withleather, and Melt Your Face Off, to name a couple. It it what I call the hub of all sports bloggers now. Its the standard. All others measure itself against Deadspin. Probably in hit rates and in money making opportunities as well. Theres where the problem arises. Its the big guy on the block and now with Will Leitch gone, it loses its face. It now sets its self up to be taken down and ripped apart by those who want to be that standard. You know to be the man you gotta beat the man. Deadspin created this atmosphere and soon within a year I feel it will be taken down by it. Maybe that is why Will is leaving.

Deadspin is losing its heart and soul and I think its audience will go with it eventually.

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