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Friday, June 20, 2008

Its getting Drafty in here.

Well its the start of the 2008 NHL Draft tonight, and I'm kinda of excited. Really I am. Sure we probably won't see who the Sabres draft in the First round for a couple years. But I think the Draft is really where people start to see trades happen and signings start happening. I guess there is no off season for hockey anymore. Though August is pretty dead news wise. But here we are late June, excited for a game played on Ice and about kids were were born during the First Bush presidency. Yikes that wasn't long ago.

But I have my hopes on one kid. They would have to trade up to get him and I think he's worth a 13th pick and a player. Thats Alex Pieterangelo. He's one of the top defensemen in the draft, the defense heavy draft. Hes the perfect defensemen for the new era, Big, quick and can put up good points. And looking at the penalty minutes doesn't shy away from contact, or takes dumb penalties, either way. And his favorite player is Pronger, good with me. And I like the video of him.

Possibly the best player in the draft? Ok.

Well I know Darcy doesn't read this and he knows players better then I do. But come on Darcy its time to work some magic. The team needs a new identity. After July 4th I hope to want to buy someones jersey. But I think Darcy knows he has some money this year and they can spend to get some players because two years without playoffs will be unacceptable.

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