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Monday, June 16, 2008

Soldier Field not so secure.

Not the best from outside.

Well I was in Chicago a week ago. And it has taken a while for me to upload pictures, I took 260 pictures over several days. But its time to talk about my trip and the sports related things involving my trip. The first trespassing into Soldier Field.

Me and my friend Jason, got in late on Sunday, due to weather so we missed the Blues fest right across the street from our hotel and ribfest. Which bummed me out. But we woke up early on Monday to get things done since we had only 2 full days to do things in Chicago. So we walked down to the Field museum.

What a gorgeous city.

Well we were way early for the 9am opening of the Museum. But we noticed that Soldier Field is right across the way. We decide to walk up to the Stadium and check it ou. We got to the top and we notice the gate is open. Mmm, no signs, lets go in and check it out. We are on vacation, nothing bad is going to happen, right?

I like the idea of keeping the old outside, but it doesn't look good.

But the sightlines and inside the stadium are really good.

Not to excited about that sticking out scoreboard and the top lining of boxes is kinda ugly

We continue walking around the stadium, I know if we walked in further, people would have been on us quicker. But it was neat to walk around and they kept the old seats of soldier field outside the new part. I can see why they wanted to build the stadium inside the old, but I'm sure they could have found a new home. But the open spots to build are limited in Chicago.


We don't need any stinking tickets.

We continued on, always waiting for the guys to say, Hey get the hell out of here. But we almost get to the exit, before the guys in the golf cart come up and say, hey guys. Sorry we had to close the gate, but you can exit through the turnstile over there. Ok, we're done anyway. Seriously we broke into your facility and and you politely tell us to leave? Um I like this town. And we have plans anyway.

Onto the Field Museum!!!!

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talkinproud said...

I always wondered why they couldn't have done a better job of incorporating the old columns into the new stadium. I'm no engineer but with all of the available technology, this is the best, visually speaking, they could do?

The old columns run parallel to the sidelines. Always did. Looking at the specs at the time this design came out (again, I'm no math wizard) it appeared possible to change the field direction.

Have the columns displayed in the endzones with the seating bowl sprouting up in the other direction.

I dunno. I was thankful I wasn't a Bears fan when this beast went up. Gorgeous town though.

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