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Monday, December 8, 2008

Rock Bottom

James McCoy

Yesterday was Rock Bottom for me. I've been to the point where I don't care about the Bills in a season. Usually it means I'm doing something else and don't care, but yesterday I just didn't plain care and I was home for the majority of the game. I wasn't thrilled to turn on the tv at 4pm. Actually turned it on later, since me and the fiancee were taping off a couch we bought and found out it ain't gonna work. The entertainment center will but we'll have to go with something smaller. But finally got to the game. And really I didn't get upset or excited at any plays. Didn't throw something when JP threw that interception. There's a symbolic play of JP Losman in Buffalo. And just kinda lost interest threw the game.

The Toronto experiment, yes highly profitable, but as a Bills experiment failed totally. Can't sell it out naturally. The "home" team is actually outnumbered by the other teams fans. And the atmosphere was dead. How about these quotes

It was crazy because we heard cheering for Buffalo and then we heard a lot of cheering for us,” said Dolphins cornerback Will Allen, whose end-zone interception of J. P. Losman in the third quarter was one of the game’s key plays. “I didn’t really know what the fans were doing. I would definitely play here over Buffalo any day.

Of course you would. People like getting cheered for. Plus people from the South hate the cold. But I guess Toronto would look good for Free agents!

“It was cool and it was fun, but Buffalo fans are a lot more rowdy,” tackle Marcus Stroud said. “We could have used that rowdiness today.”

Well you could have used some offense too, but rowdiness might have helped.

“Obviously, the NFL is about making money,” said Bills linebacker Kawika Mitchell, clad in a No. 59 Toronto Raptors jersey after the game. “If that is what they are doing, that’s what they are doing.”

Ooo that had some truth to it. Its like a typical employee doing what the boss needs him to do, makes a good employee. I like Kawika.

Then theres Jason Peters who may have just got himself on the Bills fan side with these quotes. (Minus his play of late)

"I don't like it at all," he said. "I wish we were playing in Orchard Park."

"When you've got a home game and the crowd is supposed to cheer, they were cheering more for the Dolphins," he said. "I wasn't here in the preseason, so I don't know how it was then. But that stunned me. They're not even cheering on third down. They're not cheering when we do get a first down. They're just sitting there like they don't know what's going on. I hate the idea of us playing here. It's crazy.

"That's why you play at home. It's home-field advantage. You feed off the crowd. We had no energy whatsoever."

The players know its a big deal. They know they love the extra energy. They were dead out there yesterday. They didn't like how things were. In the end it doesn't matter where you play its how where you play reacts to you. If you are loved and cheered, you'll love playing there. Because its real energy thats tough to capture. But of course thats an excuse, you should go out there and win no matter what.

"We just got to get better," he said. "If a play's called we've got to execute it, run or pass."


But I don't know about this team. I thought things were turning around, but evertyhing has just fallen apart. They just seem like they don't care or don't want to be out there sometimes. Its just a mixture of bad play, bad coaching and just bad everything. Its not fun, its unwatchable. It makes me not care. If they tried and lost, it would be one thing. But its no effort losing. It makes you go, just stay in Toronto, I don't care. Some players might like it better there. Right Marcus Stroud?

“I guarantee you won’t find any guys in our locker room that’s complaining about going to play in a dome,” the Bills’ defensive tackle said the other day. “So it’ll work both ways. It [playing inside] is going to benefit everybody.”

I can't believe that he said that, does he not know where he is playing? Basically saying hey this might be better then what we normally do, doesn't endear yourself to the team Marcus. We want you to say hey, lets open that roof, see what happens.

I hate to say it but Jerry Sullivan has been right on the money with the Bills this month or so. I think blogging has made him better and really get to what the fan is thinking. Jerry, give Bucky some tips, he still doesn't get it.

Come January, this team needs a overhaul. The Dolphins did it, and see what happened there. There needs to be a change in culture. Change in attitude. And you can't go cheap on a coach, you get what you pay for. There is talent here, the Bills just need the attitude to match it.

Otherwise, I don't want to take it anymore and its time for me to look for a new team.

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