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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over: So is the Bills Season

Well the presents are all unwrapped. The people are at stores shopping on Black Friday 2: Electronics Boogaloo Blowout. And I'm at work. What? From the drive in this morning, it doesn't appear many others are. But I'm here and sports are back on the docket. So what better way to get into a Bills last game of the year preview, then with aftermath of christmas.

Well the Bills head in 7-8, looking to salvage a 8-8 season, thats a 1 game improvement. But a complete disaster from a 5-1 start. Remember that? I do, it was fun, then it went downhill quickly.

The Patriots are 10-5, looking to get into the playoffs needing to win, or they have a great season considering losing Tom Brady all year, but just miss out on the playoffs. (ed. note good I hate the Patriots, I wish they went 0-16) Hey remember when Tom Brady went out and you felt good, because you thought, finally the Bills can beat the Pats. Yeah that was fun too.

The Patriots

Well I guess the story is Matt Cassell. The lifetime backup, finally gets his chance to shine, and has done quite well for himself. He has a 63 % completion rate, 21 touchtowns and only 11 interceptions. Though he has been sacked 46 times, which leads me to believe he holds on the ball a little long. But that doesn't matter he's playing the Bills they couldn't sack groceries. The last 2 games he has had 7 td's, but lower completion rates. Sure last week he played in the snow, so I think they are letting play a bit more and not controlling him. Which means he could be open for interceptions if the Bills actually get some pressure on him. (Big if)

The running game is a bit of a committee mainly due to injuries. Sammy Morris leads the team with 642 yards and 7 tds, Kevin Faulk has 500 yards. And the man who ripped up the Bills. But old Raider Lamont "I was a fantasy draft bust" Jordan, is another man they are going to now out of the backfield. Really its one guy or another and they seem to run effectively who ever they hand the ball too. (Thats what happens when you have a decent line)

The passing game is all about Moss and Welker. Combined almost 200 catches, for over 2000 yards and 2/3 of Cassells touchdown throws. And don't forget Sam Aiken is on the squad, feeding Belichick the Bills playbook. And also Jabar Gaffney. Who will of course catch 5 balls, all for first downs and frustrate you. Well when Welker is not.

The defense is in the upper half of the league, but not spectacular. It is the Patriots weak spot. They don't get to the QB much, with only 29 sacks. They give up 100 yards on the ground, (beast mode!) (Action Jackson time) And Bruschi and Seymour are hurt. With Adalius Thomas out, and Junior Seau back in the lineup, being sacked on the sideline by fans. But the Patriot Defense always seems to confuse the Bills. Even though it appears to be the same thing. With average players. I'm tired of them.

The Bills

Well playing for pride and the coach, won a good game on the road, completing the sweep of the AFC West. Now looking to win 1 game in the division this year. Yikes. With Lynch banged up. Peters banged up and others. Trent Edwards looking to end his season well. And other guys playing to stay in the league.

The Bills seem to have found two decent young corners. The injuries to Greer and Youbouty have helped the experience of McKelvin and Corner. Shown the Whitner is a disaster at corner. But have also shown the Linebackers aren't great in coverage, unless its short distance. But I'm sure they will come to play Sunday. If their is a new coach next year, I'm sure they don't want to be seen on tape dogging it, losing their starting spot.

But other then that this game is just a game. Playing for pride.


The Patriots need to win and a team to lose. I think they will do their part, but I'm not sure if Miami or Baltimore will lose. With the Dolphins playing the listless Jets and the Ravens playing the bad Jaguars. This one looks like a Patriot win, with a 11-5 season down the drain.

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