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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey guess what a lifeless Sabres Team

Well well well. Who would have guessed the Sabres skated through another one. They haven't played since Saturday, what are they saving up for? Don't they know they aren't in a comfy spot and .500 hockey is only getting them a early ticket home. Are they ok with not making the playoffs. We get paid, thats good enough. Its like their some traveling broadway show. Due your dates and move on.

Its a year and a half, this is the same team as last year. And they aren't good enough. Clarke Macarthur doesn't deserve to be playing everyday. Kotalik is the new Satan without the same offense. And Max is Max. Regier has to make some moves to remodel the team. Because what is happening now is going to happen in February and March. I'm tired of the wait and see mode. Because its always a few good games here and there, then a day or two off. Its .500 hockey. That shouldn't be good enough. All it will take is a couple players.

The defense is not good enough. Half of the current guys are struggling. Paetsch in my opinion should be playing in Portland. Teppo should be up in the pressbox as a pseduo coach for the Weber and Sekera.

The Rangers are looking to shed payroll. Make a deal and pick up a defensemen. The Coyotes are I'm sure looking to shed payroll, along with the Lightning. Now is the time to strike, and not at the trade deadline, when prices are marked up. Its closeout time.

I know you're probably saying, well thats just reactionary. Well no. Its a year and half. What difference is there from last year? Less goal scoring? Ryan Miller stats are the same. Vanek is the one scoring all the goals. Stafford is still very inconsistent. Now Roy and Pominville are struggling. How many different line combos have we seen this year? One works, then someone gets hurt then everything is up in flux. Its obvious to me that the team is not good enough. And if you like the team as is, then you don't want change. I've turned the corner on Lindy and don't think he was the problem, I thought the team was, but changing coaches would be easier. And might not solve the problem.

Thats why the team has to be changed. A few parts. Not a full scrap heap. Just a scapel and remove the excess waste. I'm tired of waiting for Stafford. He's a RFA next year and he'll want more then he's worth. And probably could get you a quality veteren. Kotalik can probably pull in a quality steady dman. Max, will get you maybe a draft pick to use in another deal. Like Bernier. Just a couple moves that shakes up the team, and shows no one is safe. Being comfortable is dangerous. Some players when comfortable play like Vanek. Others like Macarthur, play when they want to play. MacArthur was better, when he didn't know when he'd be back in the AHL.

There are young kids on the horizon, Gerbe and Kennedy sooner, Ennis, Brennan and Myers a few years later. Mancari I think is a great AHL player but a role player, a good callup at best. Mike Weber will be on the roster. Hopefully with Sekera for years to come. But thats not now. The Rangers are going after Sundin to win now. The Sharks made moves to win now. Why not the Sabres. Have cap space and talent to win now. They are under the radar and teams maybe comfortable to move players with the Sabres, not fearing that the move will hurt them later.

I know your not supposed to make deals, just to make deals. The Sabres need to make deals now or in the next month, to save the season. Another year missing the Playoffs, will hurt Season Tickets, and then hurt the bottom line.

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