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Thursday, December 11, 2008


You should have heard what I told Tim Thomas to do!

Well it was nice to see the Boooo's at HSBC directed where they should be. The officials. That is when you know the Sabres are doing something right. The officials are really terrible, not just one call terrible, thats understandable. But the Miller delay of game, then that Kotalik call near the end of the game, was ridiculous. How you can get away with calling those against the home team I don't know. But the Sabres overcame that nonsense. From Miller talking about one of the Officials said to him. Many say its a non story, but its obvious it touched a nerve amoung the white and blacks.

Go get him Goose.

It does appear the Sabres seem more angry of late. Easy to drop the gloves. Hitting people. Even Gerbe was hitting guys out there. Good hits and fights get the guys going. I think it releases some tension. Gets you in the game. Or so I've heard.

This team is very emotional. They either care or don't. When they care, they play Lindy's style of crashing and banging. Otherwise they look like its a practice skate. I know they have played Tampa 2 of the 3 games and Pittsburgh is slumping. But 3 in a row is 3 in a row. They need the confindence boost. And the game against Toronto should be a good one. That might be one of the better games of the year. I'm sure all the guys will be up for it. The building will be loud and feel like a real game.

Hopefully the Zebra's call it down the middle. Otherwise.....


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