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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sabres Lightning Preview

Hey its the Lightning again! Whoopee! The joke of the NHL, comes into town tonight with 1 win in their last 14 games. Oh man. Thats really bad. But somehow, only 1 point from 4th place in the Southeast. Because Atlanta is just as bad. The lightning have trouble scoring. Even the big 2 have pretty average numbers for great players. Its a team in lots of turmoil and its really bad in Tampa right now. But it can't get worse right? The old coach hopes they don't win again. The current coach isn't that good. And the people they signed in the offseason really haven't helped. One of the owners is too hands on. It makes the Sabres during the Rigas years, look not too terrible. Hey they are on track for Tavares right?

Well I guess when you talk Lightning you talk about Lecavalier and St Louis. Both are the leading scorers with 24 and 22 points on the year. Vinny leads the team with 11 goals and is sporting a nice shiner delivered by one Jochen Hecht. Thats how bad the season is for the Lightning, Jochen Hecht gave their captain a black eye.

Steve Stamkos, has only 11 points on the year and is a -11 on the year. Maybe there is a reason Melrose didn't play him. He's not good enough yet. Not everyone is Sidney Crosby or Ovechkin. Mark Recchi has 15 points, Ryan Malone who might play has 12 points and Vinny Prospal has 17 points.

This team doesn't scare you offensively and with the Sabres looking to right the ship, probably want to pour it on the Lighting tonight. They could use a big time win tonight. The Lightning are just hoping they get a paycheck.


The Sabres on the other hand, are not offensive either. But with 4 goals in their last 2 games. The touch may have come back. But would you believe the Sabres have only 3 goals from the Defense. Thats shocking. It seems most of their goals come up close. They have issues shooting from long distance. But get it in front and they can bang it in.

The are healthy at defense, getting Rivet back helped more then one would think. He is more the constant and leads the other guys to do their thing.

Really I don't have much more to say about the Sabres. We are heading into the ugh. Another hockey game zone soon. The Playoffs are way off. There is no Winter Classic to get psyched about (i mean here) And they aren't playing inspiring hockey. I guess seeing Tim Connolly in a uniform would be nice. Maybe a trade. But with the holidays things are all its all on cruise control.

Thats why stories like Ryan Miller being told to go *bleep* himself are news stories. The Bills being better sure would help too. But they are bad right now.

Game at 7pm. Could be a fun one where they win 6-1. Or lose and people get depressed again.

Its either or.

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Anonymous said...

It's the wrist shot. You're not going to slam everythng in with the slap shot. Now I sound like Harry Neale.

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