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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I declare War.

This is my declaration of War against one blog, who I believe is just a sellout now. And brings absolutely nothing for hockey blogging. Like Deadspin now. Except when Leitch writes one of his articles.

Thats the Hackblog. Or known on the hockey circles as the Pensblog.

Seriously what do they have now? A CSI Miami caption contest. THAT THEY DIDN"T EVEN THINK UP THEMSELVES. And do they write the "funny" captions. No, readers do. What? You're basically a contest blog. Hey everyone else be creative while we profit from said readers jokes. Uhh?

1. Take idea from someone else
2. Have other people be creative

3. Profit

They never have anything useful about the Penguins, yet its the site of sites for the Penguins. They rather think of stupid nicknames and call Sidney Crosby "Bing". Mmm did that take long to think up? If i hear a nickname and I don't have to ask why he's called that? Then its not a good nickname. Sorry its not.

The game recaps are usually pictures. And nothing useful. If I ever wanted to get a sense of whats going on with the Penguins I would never look there. Its become a fan site for the Pensblog itself. It should be renamed pensblogblog.

Don't even get started on the All star vote contest. Anyone pushing for their teams players is lame. Straight out LAME. You know why Sabre fans aren't pushing for Thomas Vanek. BECAUSE WE KNOW HE'LL MAKE THE TEAM. WHO CARES IF HE STARTS. Sabre fans got Brian Campbell a starting spot, without even making an effort. He wasn't even the best defenseman on the team. Its like someone voting for players makes you a better fan. No it doesn't.

The site gets me going, because everybody links to them as if they are that important. No they aren't. They are hacks. A site without any talent, other then getting people to send in photoshops. I'm tired of photoshops. I wanna read funny jokes, or opinions on whats going right/wrong about ones team. You know learn something not coming away from it asking if its about what they say they cover. Leave the photoshops to 289 the best in the biz. You guys couldn't touch him in quality. Plus he has great insight in Buffalo sports. Gotta support your own.

There are at least 5 Buffalo blogs better then the Hackblog. They post pictures sure, but they give insight on how they are feeling, without resorting calling players a woman or gay. You know humor that's higher then a 12 year old.

One other thing that bothers me is their total devotion to Penguins and no one else can have a good team. Sure it maybe a joke, but myopic blogs tend to suck.The Penguins are flawed, in fact they are 2 player team. Its okay to admit other teams are better. The Sharks impress me, but I know its December and great records now don't mean much. Plus the unoriginality of the site in general bothers me. No real content, just crap that takes up space. (You can say thing about me)

So just like the Penguins in the finals last year you guys....


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