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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So is Dick Jauron resigned?

So I'm confused did the Bills resign Dick Jauron?

As reported here and here.

As stated in the Adam Schefter article, whom I believe more then ESPN. (Since he works for the league basically) Is that the deal was done when they were 5-1. Had it come out then, it wouldn't have gotten much flack. Now, after the Jets debacle its looked to as a horrible decision. Ahhh what 2 months can do to change a decision.

But why with all the secrecy about it? If its signed, its signed. You can fire him. Sure you have to eat the contract. But it can't be that much. Use some of the Toronto Money. Boom hire someone new. The right coach. The Bills have hired new coaches and experienced coaches, and neither have worked out this decade.

How does a Pittsburgh go from Chuck Noll, to Bill Cowher to now Mike Tomlin? Its obvious the Rooney's know how to hire a coach. How about get them to hire the Bills a coach. Aren't they looking to get out of the ownership biz, due to estate taxes? Well actually some of the Rooney brothers sold, so hire one of them as a consultants for a coach search.

Its just no one in the Bills organization can hire a decent head coach. Other then Marv Levy, who was a decent coach since Chuck Knox? Wade Phillips? No. They hire good coordinators as head coaches. And most times it doesn't work out well. Hire someone who has legitimate success. Not just one fluke year. Sure the players like playing for Jauron, but guess what. Its not good enough.

When looking through the the Shefter article there is a tidbit in the language.

So if Bills owner Ralph Wilson wants to change, he’s going to have to eat the contract he just handed over. Still, it’s not inconceivable that the Bills would turn their back on Jauron and fire him after this season. Jauron’s contract contains offset language that means Buffalo would have limited liability if its head coach found another coaching job elsewhere.

So what if the Bills moved Jauron to DC? He is much better there and Perry Fewell really hasn't done much since named DC. They don't eat the contract technically, but rework it. Then go out and hire a head coach.

Because he said he expects to be back with the team. But in what capacity? They didn't ask him to you expect to be the head coach next year. Dick is smart and when someones asks that vague of a question, you can answer it with a vague response.

My opinion is, that Jauron has to go, he's not good enough as a head coach. A position coach or coordinator sure, but not as the main guy.

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