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Friday, December 26, 2008

Kelly Holcomb retired? NOOOOOO!!!!

I was catching up with Chris Brown blog. Where you can get little tidbits on who is hurt or practicing. (Holy crap Tedy Lehman is practicing!) But I caught this item.



That cannon arm, that super mobility. That gunslinger attitude. He really guided those mid aught Bills toward real mediocrity.

Wait, he turned down teams to come back? Wow, Mr. Picky.

But look at these stats from 2005

8 games started 1500 yards passing 10 tds and a 85.6 QB rating. Pro Bowl type numbers. Actually they are better then Trent Edwards so I shouldn't say anything.

But if only player that signifies the 21st century Bills. Its Kelly Holcomb. Average. Able to beat teams that are worse or the same as them. But at the end of the day not good enough to get to elite status.

To think he was part of that Takeo Spikes disaster trade. A lose/lose trade. The Bills got Darwin Walker and a 2008 pick for Holcomb and Spikes. Everyone but the Draft pick plays for the team they were sent too.

Who was that pick?

Steve Johnson

Thats a trade the Bills won I think.

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