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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fire Bucky Gleason

Oh my god have you seen the latest pile of crap from Bucky Gleason this morning?

Usually I ignore Bucky, because he's a hack, and everyone knows it, why do you think you don't see him that much. I swear, bad earnings and his butt is canned. He's first on the chopping block. He does nothing else but editorials and in this age are completely useless. But this one got me going to the point I had to FJM style this one. In honor of the beloved former website.

In case you didn’t hear, J. P. Losman is down to his final month with the Buffalo Bills. In the old days, saying goodbye to a former first-round pick would be grounds for intense scrutiny of the scouting department. These days, it’s viewed as another welcome step removed from the Tom Donahoe era.

Yes I knew that, and its no big deal, hes a terrible QB.

Not that anybody cares, either, considering their other issues. Less than a month after the playoffs looked like a gimme, the Bills are in utter disarray. The passing game is a mess, the play calling atrocious, game management laughable, leadership invisible. The proverbial firing squad has assembled along One Bills Drive, waiting for Dick Jauron.

Ok, and? Just filling space?

Five losses in six games can do a number on a team, making Sunday’s game against Miami in Toronto less a celebration and more a resuscitation. Regardless of whether Jauron has a contract extension, bringing him back will be the toughest of sells unless the Bills survive four weeks without CPR.

It would be if they finish 7-9 again, but 10-6 and 9-7 is an improvement, and no one had them in the playoffs anyway. Winning 4 games in a row isn't out of the question, they did it before.

And that’s where Losman, strange as it sounds, is capable of making a difference. It would mean Jauron coming to his senses and shortening the leash on Trent Edwards with the idea Losman deserves another chance. Hold off on your “Subject: stick to hockey” e-mails because it’s no crazier than maintaining status quo.

Uh-oh, don't go there Bucky.

A change was in order weeks ago, when it became apparent that Edwards was shaky after being knocked for a loop. Nobody knows for sure if he was suffering from concussion-related problems, but the guy wasn’t the same. He wasn’t seeing the field. He wasn’t making simple throws. He wasn’t doing anything Losman couldn’t do.

Well against San Diego and Kansas City he was fine, otherwise, the whole team was terrible in most of the others games, so do they all have Concussions? And in Cleveland he got the team in scoring position and game back from a terrible start. His kicker blew that one.

And the Bills were losing. While it became chic for fans and media to hail Edwards as a winner who excelled at game management and rip Losman as a bust and loose cannon, they never grasped marginal differences. Each is 7-9 in his last 16 starts. Edwards is just as capable of managing losses as Losman is of managing wins.


Losman has completed 59.5 percent of his passes in his career and thrown 32 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions. Edwards has completed 61.6 percent while throwing 17 TDs and 18 INTs.

Well one is a more experienced QB with terrible competition rate, the other is still learning and will take to next year to fully judge him. The book is in on JP, he's not that good and has one throw.

Let’s be honest, Jauron has little to lose with a change at this point, other than four games and his job. Who knows, maybe Losman would beat Miami this week and gain momentum. At the very least, Losman would inject emotion into a passionless Bills team and give the Dolphins an unexpected twist.

Um sure, he has little to lose other then being unemployed in a recession. He's not going to get another head coaching job, and maybe never another coaching job at any level. He has his future to lose. MaybeJP would or maybe he'd throw a horrible interception and cost his team a sure win. Um did he inject any emotion into the team last week? Or in Arizona? When I think JP Losman, I don't think of him injecting passion into a team. You know why? Because they don't believe in him. You can tell. That may have been the worst paragraph Bucky has ever written.

The fact Jauron acknowledged the other day that he never considered switching quarterbacks this year should be an insult to every sucker who believed that they were serious about the playoffs.

I believed they were serious about the playoffs, they ran into injuries and didn't play well. It happens. And why would they switch, Trent is their guy.

Former third pick overall Vince Young is sitting on the bench while Tennessee rides Kerry Collins to an 11-1 record. Donovan McNabb was benched this season. Brett Favre was run out of Green Bay. Derek Anderson was benched after signing a big contract. Yet Trent Edwards is an untouchable?

Ok, how is this a demonstration of who's untouchable. Vince Young got hurt and was never really good. Plus they were UNDEFEATED with Kerry Collins. Donovon McNabb has a young up an coming QB behind him, and is nearing the end of his career. Brett Favre RETIRED and then decided to come back after Green Bay moved on. Not run out. Completely false statement. Derek Anderson was a 1 year wonder, plus there was an expensive rookie behind him. Who is hurt now. None of these examples proves that that Trent Edwards is untouchable. You failed in proving an argument.

This is nothing against Edwards, who has potential to be a good one. He’s a terrific person, someone you want dating your sister. He’s intelligent, polite, accountable, says all the right things. Unfortunately, he’s been better standing at the podium than he’s been standing in the pocket for the better part of a month.

Wait, uh? He has potential to be a good one, but you want him on the sidelines? How does that make any sense whatsoever. If he has great potential, don't you want him playing? To see if thats true, rather then the known that is JP Losman. We know that JP Losman ISN'T good enough. Do we forget Jacksonville last year, or the other games. He has had one decent moment with the comeback against Houston. Thats it. Maybe the long bomb to Evans to beat the Jets last year. But guess what THATS THE ONLY PASS HE'S GOOD AT! Otherwise he fails in a West coast type system. He doesn't fit it. Trent Edwards does. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Remember, it was Jauron who told Losman that life wasn’t fair upon handing the offense to Edwards. He doesn’t need to be fair. He needs to win.

Of course every head coach does, but hes stuck with the players he has, they don't care about winning so he's pretty much stuck. Yeah well Losman sealed his own fate.

How ironic it would be if Jauron failed to adhere to his own philosophy, wound up losing the last four games and was escorted out the door with the quarterback who could have saved his job.

Nope, that is the worst paragraph Bucky Gleason has ever written. JP Losman is not going to save Dick Jauron's job. Benching JP Losman, probably saved it last year. JP Losman isn't that good, he will not bring the Bills back. Have you ever seen him against a Patriots team and be good? Well neither has Edwards, so that doesn't say much. But come on, how could you possibly write that statement. Its ridiculous. We all know JP isn't good enough, he's a good guy, but he isn't a NFL starter. We all know that.

Write about bad play calling, or terrible time management or the lack of passion that the Bills have. But to use any of that to justify to put JP Losman in the lineup. This isn't hockey where you put the backup goalie in to fire up the guys. The QB is the show. You can't protect the net, he plays well or not, you win because of him. Putting in the backup QB does absolutely nothing a majority of the time. The guys have to trust him, and I doubt, these guys trust JP.

Seriously get rid of Bucky Gleason already Buffalo News. It may save your paper.

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Bucky is a horrific writer of failure pile proportions.

He starts sh*t just to start it.

F him in his A.

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