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Monday, December 22, 2008

Sabres Penguins preview

Well its the 4th matchup this year, so its the last time you'll see these teams play unless its in the playoffs. I'm sure the Sabres like this because they can ramp up ticket prices. But the struggling Pens come in against a playing better Sabres team. They did this last year, only to come out of the Holidays, playing like crap and ruining their season. So I'll take current play with a grain of salt. Sometimes you just have to look at the big picture and still think its just a .500 hockey team nothing more nothing less.

Well since we've last met. The Penguins have gone 2-3 while the Sabres are 3-2. So not too much difference. Though people are calling the Pens struggling. Well losing 7-3 to the Leafs will do that. But this is the last game before Christmas. So I would expect a hard charging Pens team, and a Sabres team that um, uhhh, will show up on the ice. Whether they want to win or not, is up to them.

We know all the big guns for the Pens, Malkin, Crosby, Staal, Satan and Sykora. But they are still banged up on the blue line and Fleury is back but got yanked in the last one. So he's probably a little upset at himself. And the last thing the Sabres need is a determined netminder. But I'm sure Ryan Miller is back in net tonight after two straight solid starts. And Pat Kaleta does not have a concussion after his sucker punch from Dennis "I'm a dirty player" Gauthier. Hey has he gotten suspended yet? No? Shocking. The officials have seemed a little iffy against the Sabres of late. (yes thats a homer statement)

But anyway, it should be a good game. Its on "National" tv. Though its in the best two hockey markets, so Versus can trump their ratings. They probably would love 10 Sabre Penguin Games a year.

See you later

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