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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sabres got Hosed

Bill Wippert

But it doesn't excuse losing that game. They should have won that game. No matter what happened in Overtime. It shouldn't have went there in the first place. The Sabres should have controlled that game, but once again those long range shots some how end up in the net. 3 of Alex Goligoski's 6 goals have come against the Sabres. Malkin was a beast. (He's the best player on the Pens) Lydman and Tallinder struggled with a combined -6. Thomas Vanek is in a slump and a -3 yesterday doesn't help. He may need the Holiday to clear out his head and enjoy his family and come back as the beast he is.

Chris Butler seems to me like he'll be here next year. He doesn't seem that out of place and Lindy trusts him a bit. He isn't going to be out there when Malkin or Crosby. But he takes the heat and stress off the other guys. So with Butler and Weber progressing. Half the D-men next year should be young guys. With Lydman, Tallinder and Rivet giving them a vet prescene. That if they don't add anyone else. (Spacek is a UFA this year)

But the Sabres inconsistent and average play continues to plague them. MacArthur is in his out period. Which will soon cool and he'll be a liability again. Max is awful. Stafford has turned things around. Roy and Pominville still just seem average out there. It will help to get a healthy Rivet back.

I still think it was a high stick. The net is 4 feet high. Sidney Crosby is 6 feet tall, before skates. And the Stick was above the logo where he hit the puck. So he is only 3 feet 10 inches from the bottom of his skate to the Penguin head? He has some short legs and torso. The officials just wanted to get home for Christmas, without having to go through the Shootout Nonsense. So thats it. Still the Sabres shouldnt have let it go to Overtime.

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