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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trent <3's Dick

Just reading through stuff and I caught this item from Mark Gaughan today.

But asked about whether the team was playing to save Jauron's job the next two weeks, Edwards said this: "I sent a text message to him (Jauron) earlier this week that said I've never respected a person more than I do the coach that I have. I love him to death. I love coming to work for him every day. I'm just happy that these two years I've been in the league I've been able to have a boss like that."


Seriously. Thats nice you stick up for him. But you love him to death? Because he doesn't throw you under the bus. No one should really love their boss to death. It means he's probably a little soft on the guys. (Which is evident by the play) I think I want Jauron fired now. If they love him and they don't win, what does that mean? They love him, but they aren't going full out for him. To be fair they have been more disciplined under Jauron then previous coaches. But that could be they brought in more disciplined guys.

Here are other things that Trent Edwards loves to death.

The NFTA. Best Transit System ever

David Patterson

Sean Avery

Rod Blagojevich

Sarah Palin

Star Wars Jerseys No wait thats JP Losman

Oh man, Dick Jauron is gonna stay around for a while isn't he? Yep. Oh well Bills fans are use to this crap by now, why should we be surprised.

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