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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rare Saturday ramblings.

Well how about that. UB won the MAC Championship. Thats nice. Its good for the program. It shows what happens when you hire the right guys. Unfortuntly for the Bulls hiring the right guys, means those right guys will get paid by someone else. Nature of the Beast. UB is just a stepping stone for Turner Gill. Hopefully it doesn't make UB go back to what they were before. But for me, its nice but I don't care, I didn't go to UB. Not my school, so its hard to really get pumped up about it. They beat Ball St. They weren't close to Missouri who is average.

The Sabres called up Nathan Gerbe. Thats pretty desperate. Sent Mancari down. But things are going to change at HSBC arena pretty soon. I have a feeling some drastic moves need to be made. Hey are they going to wear their new 3rd's? No? Okay they will lose. Those were the only 2 games they've won in the last 11. Coincidence?

The Bills are playing in Toronto tomorrow and people aren't caring. I think Christmas shopping is more important to people right now. The Toronto people don't seem that enthused about it. With the ticket giveaway they had. But JP Losman is starting, so we'll see if they quit or not. They lay flat tomorrow, its a 6-10 season. Dick Jauron is gone and the team is in transition again. Wasn't October nice, lets go back there. December can't be as bad as November right? Wait? What. Corey Mace is on the squad?

Look out Dolphins you about to be MACED!

Wait he's Canadian? Oh I see what they did. Good PR Bills.

And on a random note. I made myself a Peanut Butter and M&M sandwich. It was delicious.

Thats all. Enjoy the weekend.

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