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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ted Rogers dead at 75

The man behind the Bills In Toronto, has passed away at 75. The 2nd richest man in Canada who had that widely hated press conference in the Summer detailing the new venture between him and the Bills.

Who knows where the future of this venture lies. This always seemed like Ted Rogers baby. He had the cash to pull if off. Now that cash is spread around and the new leadership will head Rogers Communications, who maybe aren't in the same boat as Ted. Ralph Wilson got his money for the games. He is the one that comes out great in this.

From what I read about Ted Rogers, he loved taking chances, didn't mind debt if he knew he'd make money in the end. But with the current Recession, who knows if anyone will share the same mindset. Plus the fact the Bills aren't a attractive looking team and the credit market is in the hole, and no doubt new owners would need lots of credit. But of course the moving or selling of the Bills would be years away, and the economy and credit markets would probably improve by then. But its most likely purchaser, has just gone away.

From the Globe and Mail article:

Mr. Rogers defied expectations to the end. As Canadian provider of the iPhone, he bucked the bad economic news by delivering solidly higher sales and profits in recent quarterly results. And even as his health was failing, he was making his patented folksy sign-off, “The best is yet to come.”

For the Bills in Toronto, which starts this week, only the unknown is yet to come.

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