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Monday, December 29, 2008

I was there. And didn't blow away

Jauron: Bill I was wondering if I could give you my resume later
Belichick: Um, we aren't looking to hire right now. But we will keep it on file

I wasn't planning on attending the Patriots game yesterday. But on Saturday my Fiancee got a call from her boss, that he had a couple extra tickets. I was like you betcha. Love going to Bills game no bad they are. The reason the tickets sell, is because its fun, and not super expensive. And I knew the tickets were in a club. So if I had to warm up, I could just head up inside. (Which I only did at halftime) Im not weak. I love the cold. (kinda)

But we got to the game, headed to the tailgate. Which was almost impossible to do yesterday. The wind was brutal and constant. You couldn't take your gloves off without fear of your hands falling off. Plus everything was blowing around everywhere. There was a bowl of wings and you had to hold it down, because the wind would have taken it. Beer was cold though. Very cold.

We head into the stadium into the Paul Maguire club, which was nice and warm. In fact season tickets there would be worth the losing. And really worth it, when they are winning. But the seats themselves were great. Bills sideline, 2nd row, at end zone level. Close, but not too close where you can't see everything. But the first half was marred but some weird calls. The No call on the obvious late hit out of bounds. Everyone saw it. Officials looked away of course. The goal post fixing. Kick it normal. Then the end of the half. Patriots grabbing a Bill to start something to kill the clock. Its a penalty. Throw a flag guys. They were trying to delay the Bills. Its cheap. Its unsportsmanlike. But not stupid. Everyone else says it was Preston, but it seemed to me that the Patriots WANTED that to happen. Just saying.

And this from Mark Gaughan

An announced crowd of 71,282 booed the Bills off the field to end the half.

Um No, they were booing the officials. Thank You.

Then its back in the clubhouse to warm up, eat some food, and just enjoy the warmth before its back to the game. Only down 3-0. The Chicken fingers are great, go get them, worth the price and will totally fill you up.

The Second half was kinda of a blur. The Bills would kinda drive, then the Patriots. Then Edwards fumbled, which set up the Touchdown drive. Which was a great game plan. Seriously. Who is the Pats offensive Coordinator? Can we hire that guy? Everytime I watch the Patriots I see a smart offensive gameplan. Where do these guys come from? And why can't the Bills hire someone smart, they have to exist don't they?

When the Patriots kicked the field goal it was over. Especially after that 4th and 1 pass. Good god. Run the ball. Spread the field and run. It will work. A pass on a day like that, you have to be crazy. Especially throwing it the same direction as the wind.

Then another drive, where Robert Royal dropped another one. That is where we left. I couldn't take anymore, it was cold and windy. And the walk back wasn't any fun to find the car. The wind was so strong and it just made everything difficult. Really some may say that the Bills shouldn't have a dome. But it effects both teams. The dome wouldn't make things worse. It would make things comfortable. For everyone. Make Buffalo a more attractive place to play. Guess what guys don't like to play in the cold. That restricts good free agency. Miami is easy to sign for. Who wouldn't want to play there?

The loudest cheers of the day.

Fred Jackson Introduction

Fred Jackson on the run to get the first down, by himself.

And when the Sun game out in the 3rd quarter. Which I said "its a sign" only to Leodis Mckelvin screwing up a kickoff.

But it was fun, but the Bills are terrible. Jauron has to go, Fewell has to go, Robert Royal should be cut today. And they need to look at the linebackers available in free agency or the draft. Because they need help in the Linebacking corp.

I guess its on to next year.

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