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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The closing argument on Jauron

I caught this item in the Chris Brown blog on

In 2008 the Bills had nine games against 3-4 defensive fronts and went 1-8 against them. They also went 6-1 against 4-3 fronts. In 2009 there will be fewer 3-4s to deal with, which in light of this past year’s success would appear to be a good thing.

Ok thats not good. You'd think you'd change things up

As it stands right now Buffalo will have seven games against 3-4 defensive fronts in 2009 (Cleveland, Jets (2), Pats (2), Dolphins(2)), with the chance of that number being reduced to just four if the coaching changes in Cleveland and New York bring about a different defensive philosophy as well.

WAIT! Everyone in the division plays the 3-4? You went 0-6 against them. How is it you aren't prepared in training camp to have a gameplan against a 3-4 front?

I thought Buffalo’s offense got better against the 3-4 defensive fronts late in the season (Jets in Week 15 and Patriots in Week 17) in terms of running the football, and the stats prove it.

Of course the passing game was the real issue, so some progress will still need to be made there in terms of having answers for what those fronts can throw at Buffalo.

So it took to week 15, when the season was pretty much over to figure out, how to run against this front, but yet still the Pass was useless? That is totally unacceptable. You know coming into the season, what teams you are matching up against. You know the teams in the division all play the same front. And still, you are unprepared and can't mount a offense against them, only till later in the season, when the previous division games ended playoff hopes? How can that be?

The NFL is all about being prepared and being able to dictate to the other team. When the other team can dictate their defense, by playing a basic scheme. The Patriots don't have wild schemes. They play their scheme and have players execute it. Thats it. You're telling me you can't even scheme against teams. Or can't have the players in the right position. Don't give me thats the players. The players execute the coaches game plan. When the coaches gameplan is flawed, then the players will be flawed.

Against Kansas City I heard they were excited about the game plan, well guess what, the crushed them. I never other days where the game plan was that good.

Having game plans good enough to only beat bad teams isn't good enough. We need coaching that can game plan to beat better teams. Even with lesser athletes.

This coaching staff isn't good enough. This stat should be the nail in the coffin on the current adminstration.

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