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Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowed in

Boy yesterday, was a great day to stay inside and watch a Bills game. And make cookies with the Fiancee. Yes I did help. In taking them out of the oven and cleaning things. The rest I should not be trusted in doing. Well if you want edible cookies. But thankfully the Bills actually gave us a watchable game. And in the end I think most Bills fans, felt they end up losing. And when the pass in the endzone fell incomplete, were like wait. What? They are going to win? Mmm awesome. Ooo Wizard of Oz is on. It was strange and not totally satisfying, but it was good to see Trent back as Trent Edwards. Not the disaster that is known as JP Losman. And those "still waiting" to be sold on Edwards. (Who 2 months ago, announced we had a QB) Hey he is the real deal, stop trying to backtrack. Stop Flip flopping.

But oh my, that was a lot of blowing snow. The shovels and snowblowers were working overtime this weekend. And now heading into a week of the 40's. Oh thats gonna be nice for basements. Flooding coming this new year. But really its just winter. And I like some nice weather for a change. You know when its in the 40's it will rain. We're heading for one of those lots of snow winters. But the lake if frozen, will shut down the lake effect. So the colder the better early. But if you like skiing, this January should be excellent, with all the new powder.

But isn't there usually that last part of the year hope. That we have the quarterback and the running back, and maybe the defense is turning around. But I don't feel that way about the defense.

I think the scheme is flawed and the players don't fit it. The ends are slow, the middle is soft and the zone coverage seems way to soft at times. I think Mckelvin and Corner are going to be adequate corners. McGee is solid. But I think a more man scheme might actually fit this team. With Whitner, Simpson or Scott with the zone coverage, to protect deep or the middle. The Bills get ripped up the middle way to much.

If Crennel, gets fired in Cleveland, probably, I'd hope they'd bring him in for a DC. Perry Fewell just isn't good enough. A coordinator from the Belichick tree is just what the Bills need. Someone that understands how the rest of the division works. You have Belichick in New England who worked under Parcells, who runs things in Miami and Mangini in New York, who is a Belichick disciple. And we have Jauron, who is from another coaching tree. One of these things doesn't belong guess who?

The Bills are miserable in the AFC East. They just look out of place in the division. They must look different next year. Change the scheme. The defense has been miserable. Pick up key free agents. Ones that match what you are doing. The Offense will be fine. Trent and Marshawn will move the ball next year, I have no doubt about that. But the defense bothers me. They don't dictate to anyone. They read and react. There is no doubt Mitchell would be an animal if they let him lose. But the front 4 gets absolutly no pressure. Jay Cutler had all day to throw. The scheme they are using doesn't work, until you get to the 20. Which is 3 points at least. Thats not acceptable.

Change the scheme, take a man from the Evil Empire. Learn your enemy. Its the only way you can make the playoffs.

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