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Monday, December 1, 2008

While I was out......

Yeah you were bad yesterday

Well I was out in Cortland visiting the future in law's and shopping. So I missed a bunch of stuff in Buffalo sports. Caught some College Football. And if JP Losman is the QB for the rest of the year, they might want to borrow Georgia Tech's option offense, because that works with a terrible passer. And he has the Athletic skills to pull it off.

But the Bills are pretty much done this year. After a 4-0 start, they've gone 2-6. Which is pretty bad. Everyone is on the hook for that one. Well the defense held a team to 10 points. The offense is pretty bad without Edwards. Looking at the stats I have zero clue how they only got 3 points.

They were 46% on 3rd downs thats pretty average

They had 1 turnover

Had 3 sacks.

Rushed for 156 yards

Held the other offense below 200 yards

I have no idea how they lost that game, I didn't watch it so, if someone could tell me why, that would be great.

The Sabres on the other hand, went 2-1 while I was gone. That's a major improvement over the 5 straight losses I witnessed before leaving.

Well they beat Boston and Pittsburgh, before losing a lead and losing to Montreal on Saturday. With Thomas Vanek the only scorer in that one. And he scored 3 goals of the 9 scored on the weekend. Which is typical since he is the only one that can put the puck in the net. He now has 18 goals on the year. Of the 63 the team has scored on the year. Almost 1/3 of the goals on the team. Um thats not good. Derek Roy has seemed to get his game back, Drew Stafford had 1 good game

But beating some good teams is a good confidence boost with the Predators coming into town. Hopefully they wear the new third jerseys, because they are 2-0 in them.


But where the real good news lies is with the local High School Football. WNY swept the state championships. Excluding class B, but 4 for 5 ain't bad. Including my Sweet Home Panthers and their first state title.

Its good to see WNY football is at its highest right now. Or the rest of the state is just bad. Either way, the power lies on the west coast of the state.

I never thought Sweet Home would win a state title. In my day, they couldn't even win at the Ralph. Always were good, but never good enough. But I guess Faller is that good of a coach or the players today are so much better. The kids playing pee wee football were raised up together, and created a strong team, that beat everyone they faced this year going 13-0.


And the Griffs beat Bona on a last second 3 to win the game. NICE! I don't care how bad Bona is, beating them is always good.

Looks like they got a good player in Chris Gadley, who with the improvement of the young guys, the Griffs could start to become a real team. Or be totally disappointing with a decent young player and no talent around them.

They are 2-3 with a road game at Howard today. Lets make a move to .500 guys.


Anyway I had a great weekend and not that sad I missed a lot of Buffalo Sports. Its theraputic. Not watching Buffalo Sports teams, decreases the Stress level. You can enjoy other games.

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