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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sabres Devils Preview

Hey the Sabres are back. They haven't played since Saturday, where they played.. The Devils. What, who scheduled the home and home, but had New Jersey stop in Toronto first. Anywho. Its a pretty important game when looking at the standings. The Sabres are right behind the Devils and a Regulation win, would make them tied. The Devils lost in a shootout last night to Toronto. So basically coming off a tie. So we have the rested team versus the team that played last night. Which in my opinion is a push. Doesn't make a difference, its the team that actually plays with heart, that will come out in this one. Plus the Sabres have a 2-0 advantage over the Devils this year. They are a good matchup, well without Martin Broduer of course.

The Devils

Ahh, the devils, the most hated team in hockey. Since they play good sound defense and take advantage of miscues. Really they are the Baltimore Ravens of Hockey. Some offense, but nothing that would wow you must times. Though to be fair, they do have some weapons. As a Sabre fan I'm used to the lineup having big stats, but lately, its not the case. They have 2 solid scoring lines. Plus they have outstanding plus minus, through the lineup.

Parise is the leading scorer with 33 points and 16 goals. Patrick Elias is right behind with 29 points and 13 goals. Gionta has 26 points, Zajac 19 and Zubrus 19 as well. Plus they have a solid blueline led by Paul Martin and Colin White.

The Devils were always about Martin Broduer, but he's out long term, and the Devils really haven't missed a beat. They have been hot of late, and the Sabres caught them at a good time last Saturday after their big win over the Rangers. Scott Clemenson has filled in pretty well for the Devils with Marty's absence with a 2.43 GAA and a 919 Sv%. Though I think the Sabres may get Kevin Weekes whose numbers aren't as good, and the Sabres got to him on Saturday. Once again getting the Devils at the right time.

I expect the same tough Devils team you always do.

The Sabres.

Well Gerbe is out, Kaleta is back in. Gerbe only had 1 point in his time up. So really offensively the Sabres aren't missing much. They are getting a pest back, and with Goose and Paille next to Kaleta the Sabres have one of those hard checking lines. I would imagine a few scoring opportunities with this line tonight.

The Sabres are 4-1 in their last 5 games and with 7 games till the end of the year. Could look to make some moves up the standings. They are only 4 points behind the Canadiens, and if they go 5-2 in this stretch could be in the 6th of 5th spot in the East. Where they can feel more comfortable even if they have a slide.

But they gotta come out and play, goals won't come easy and they can't depend on Vanek. So look for Lindy to get everyone going and I bet The Kaleta! will put a spark into the lineup, especially on a line with Gaustad. There will be some banging tonight.

I'll be with the Fiancee having a very nice evening out and don't know how much of this one I'll catch.

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