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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bisons, Bills, Turner Gill, Chris Drury and Canisius

As a man that works near Dunn Tire, um err Coca Cola Field. New stuff about the Bisons is always exciting. Who doesn't enjoy a good summer day Bisons game. And now with their new affiliation with the who could be broke Mets. They changed the logo and color scheme to fit the new partnership. I think the new logo is pretty sharp. I like the Buffalo coming out of the skyline. The colors are good and I can't wait for the new hats and stuff, also could be pretty sharp. Or ugly. Who knows. But we'll have to wait till January. And also hope the parent isn't completely out of cash.

So Jason Peters made the pro bowl. We have no definite proof no one watches the Buffalo Bills. The guy has been a turnstile this year. Downright terrible for most of the year and yet makes the pro bowl. How? It shows that the Pro Bowl is a joke. And is MEANINGLESS. Brett Favre made the team and he hasn't been that good. But I guess its to get stars there so people actually go to the game. You put a roster of no names, the place will be half empty. I'm surprised Tom Brady wasn't put on the roster.

Turner Gill was given a raise and a extension, by UB. I don't know where they got the money, since the state is broke. I guess when I pay more for Pop, I can blame Auburn for not hiring Turner Gill. But thats a good move a day after the Auburn mess, that UB sweeps in grants an extension and a raise, as a gesture for all the good Turner Gill has done the UB Football program. Who were permenent residents of the ESPN Bottom 10. Now they are ranked 34th in the nation and playing a January bowl game.


I like to read other blogs. But heres a little tidbit from the Denver Post. That Drury, might be up for a trade. With the Rangers desperate for Sundin. (WHY?) His large cap hit would be a big problem, along with the no trade clause. I guess the Rangers are looking more short term then long term. And Drury hasn't lit the team on fire. Since joining the club a year ago. He has 18 points this year and a -7. And only 58 points and -3 last year. The returns for his deal aren't what he had in Buffalo with back to back 30 goal and 60 points seasons. Though to be fair the Sabres had a more open run and gun style. The same could be said for Danny Briere. But its interesting the Rangers would dump Drury for Sundin. I don't understand that whatsoever. And don't know who could afford Drury right now. Except teams with large cap space, but who are terrible and not a place Drury would waive a no trade clause to.

on a side note looking at the Rangers stats. Dmitri Kalinin is a -15? Good riddance. And Lundqvist has very Milleresque numbers.

Maybe the Sabres can help the Rangers clear some space and get a Paul Mara for nothing. He would be a good asset on the Blue line. A position the Sabres could use some help at.

And no I don't think the Sabres would make that move, I know they have 6 million in cap space. But thats crazy. But holy crap it would excite the town to no end.


So the Griffs walk into the Carrier Dome tonight. To face the Orange, who I assume aren't upset about losing to Cleveland St on Monday. Nope. I'm sure Boeheim won't have the guys all ready to go and put a complete stomping on the Griffs. Hey at least the game is on TV. Maybe I'll catch a little after dinner with the Fiancee tonight.

Please take it easy on the Griffs, they are fragile. Its not fair.

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Rangers to get greedy...go figure.

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