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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Enthusiasm Recession

James McCoy

Well hasn't fan enthusiasm hit lows lately?

In October Bills and Sabres fans were riding high, things were good. Playoffs were planned. Championship runs were estimated. Now its to the level of not caring. Both teams have just had their bubbles popped. All the enthusiasm was built on a false foundation, and when one part slipped everything else collapsed around it. Unlike Wall Street, there's no bailout for the Sabres or the Bills. They will only have to improve the situation themselves.

The Bills

The worse of the two teams, since the San Diego has completely come off the tracks and now looks like the Lions. Well probably couldn't beat the Lions right now. They have gone 1-5 since the San Diego game. Minus the Cleveland and Kansas City game, they couldn't score more then 20 points, and only scored 3 points against the lowly 49ers. Uninspired and sloppy play has been the order for the Bills for the past 6 games. Kansas City they looked like an actual decent team. But the lack of interest in this team is frightening. The New England game was brutal to watch. And they just look they can't win. Against Cleveland I thought they would come out and dominate, but that didn't happen. And Rian Lindell probably ruined his season from which I doubt he'll recover. I guess we don't have to worry about his stupid streak anymore.

The fan enthusiasm is way down. Its angry, its apathy, its the "same old Bills" mentality. People want to someone to take the blame for this horrendous falloff. Fire Jauron, get rid of coaches, get rid of players. But its not a one person blame job Mr. Sullivan, this is a players issue. How can one team go from the right decisions to bad decisions. Sometimes the players don't look they don't care. And most people know you can't motiviate players who don't want to be motivated. Its internal, maybe these guys don't care, or given up, even they might not want to be in this city past January, to who knows. You can tell, theres no fire in some of these guys. Sure its up the coaches to game plan and get their players ready. But these guys are paid lots of money for a reason. And not wanting to come out and win every single Sunday is totally unexceptable.

Myself, I don't care anymore, didn't catch a single minute of the 49er game. Whats the point? If they don't care, neither should I. The bad part it dimishes my enthusiasm to watch Football at all, and I love Football. Thanks Bills for ruining Football for me.

Now we have the Toronto game, which brings up the Bills future in Buffalo. Which only depresses Bills fans even more. And the fact the crowd maybe 50/50 or even lean Miami, is terrible. But with the Bills recent performances at home, maybe a road game is better.

We maybe entering the Great Depression for Bills fans.


Well after a great start, 6-0-2, they have gone 5-10-1. Thats right 5-10-1! Where they only have scored 2.2 goals a game and given up 3.5 goals a game. Um thats a serious issue. The crowds are still there, but they are silent. Last night was just horrible. I feel bad for people who paid for that performance. But a low point maybe on December 12th. The Leafs are coming to town, its a Platinum game, and with recent performances no one is going to pay those prices. But with the Leafs optimism high, their fans will. And ticket resellers will make christmas money. It could be thousands of Leaf fans, and might make HSBC look Blue and White. But hey its good for the Buffalo economy. But not for enthusiasm level.

They suffer the same problem as the Bills, just plain lack of effort. Lazy is a good word to describe them. They don't feel insecure about their job. That young, happy to be in the NHL isn't there anymore, especially for #9. Thomas Vanek, is a proud man and is playing like a house on fire. Only if other Sabres would join him. How many times have you seem just drive to net or at least attempt too. He cares, he wants to win. Ales Kotalik came back last night, did it make a difference? Jochen Hecht is playing, so the lineup says.

I feel bad for Lindy there is nothing he can do, benching players doesn't work. They know they'll be back on the ice, because their are 6 to 8 players who can take their place. Max is unhappy, Stafford is in a year and half slump, since Drury left. Connolly is a injury disaster. The defense have turned into turnover machines. Dan Paille is Dan Paille. Paul Gaustad tries, but is hands of stone.

The only solution is a massive stimulus package. They are going to have to ship guys out. Bring in fresh blood. New blood, to get rid of the bad blood that is circulating through the locker room. Its only a minor recession, it can be changed if the right direction is taken.

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