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Monday, December 15, 2008


Yes thats how I felt Marshawn after yesterdays game. Its nice to see the star player just as depressed as the fans after yesterdays debacle.

First off. I didn't want to care anymore, but I do. I always do. I need to do something to get my mind off the game. But the Fiancee and me were sitting back on the new furniture and watching the game on the new 52inch screen. We need the HD reciever, because its good, but not as good as it could be. The blu ray of the movies we watched were amazing. But anyway.

I got into the game. JP Losman looked terrible of course. Except for the one touchdown drive. Where he looked competent. The game plan seemed pretty good except for one fact.


Josh Reed emerged. Hey a guy that gets open and catches the ball, what a unique ability for a reciever. And is Steve Johnson better then James Hardy. He looks to be a good find from last years draft. Plus Marshawn, who was in full on Beast Mode yesterday. Its nice to see him actually get going. Hey he has over 1000 yards on the season now. 1002 to be exact with a healthy 4.2 yards a carry. As does Fred Jackson. So the run game has turned around this year. They've gone to a good pass protect team and bad running team, to a decent running team and a horrible pass protect team. HOW?

Lets get back to me and my reaction to the end of the game.

Ok. Bills get the ball back and they are up by 3. Oh man, a couple minutes left. Why aren't they calling timeouts? Anyway. A run for a first down. Wow, thats different. Ok a couple more plays, and this one maybe in the bag.

Run for 5 yards nice.

2nd down.

A roll out, mmm why are they passing. Oh no JP. THROW IT AWAY. THROW IT! Oh no. Sack won't be too bad. FUMBLE! FALL ON IT!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (slams head against table) WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING!!!!! WHY!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Ok, theres time left, they can get a touchdown. Maybe McKelvin will return one WITHOUT ANYONE HOLDING. Ummm nope. Ok lets JP. (Throws terrible interception on first play) AHHHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU. PLEASE LEAVE THE TEAM.

Jets go 4 and out. Terrible play calling there.

Bills get ball. With a minute or so left. And procede to put together a terrible try to win the game drive. JP Chucks Hail Mary. 3 Jets are closest. Interception.

Brett Favre jumps around like a moron. Unfortuntely doesn't hurt himself. I go and hit my head against something hard to forget all that.

Well that one hurt again. There are only 2 more games left. I don't know if I'm watching next week. Probably will. The the New England game is going to be in front of 14 fans. Unless Bills fans want to Sell to Patriot fans. Then they could recoup some money. Ugh. Its just too frustrating to watch. But yet I still want to.

It would have been nice to win this one. But again whats the point. Its just entertainment. And its like the script is written for the other guy. And your team is the team is supposed to lose. Like the team that lost in Hoosiers. What if they won the state title would that been bad?

Sometimes the underdog loses, and when you are the fan of the underdog, you're gonna lose more often then not. I'm tired of rooting for the underdog. I wanna be the favorite again.

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