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Monday, December 8, 2008

Sabres Pens preview (where I take on the Pens Blog)

I know I haven't done one of these for a week or so, but they get tiring and the Sabres aren't inspiring enough to preview these days. But I thought I get off the current trend and look into this game. A Versus game, which is nice I guess, but its not like "OOOOO National TV" its oh crap Versus announcers, wheres the Radio?


I'd like to say a few things about the Pensblog. You know, the well know blog of Pens fans. Which was started 2006. You know when people in Pittsburgh discovered they had a hockey team. I saw the blog last year. I read it pretty often, as I do many blogs. But it was funny in its own way. But now its a bit, I don't know, horrible. They have several jokes. Calling players gay, Pensblog Charlie is a character that needs to go. Hey look we made a funny character, lets run him through the ground. Mine it for all its worth, then more and then make it annoying. You gotta know when to stop.

Calling players a joke. Ok they are a joke I get it. But its over the top fandom. Its the Jokeguins over everyone else. Oh, did you see what I did there. How funny!

I'm not entirely sure who writes the blog. But I feel its college kids. Have to be. Only college kids have time to write that much and create the worse photoshops ever. Half of them are gay related. Which means that sooner then later, the writing will fall off. Because they will have real lifes and have to get jobs. I bet they'll try to be real writers, but discover that they aren't very good writers and no one in their right mind would hire them. And will be working at the Eat N Park. Or you know being gay escorts. (See a gay joke, how clever. )

Onto the game.

Well the Sabres snapped a minor skid with a win in Tampa, which doesn't mean much, but every win helps at this point and who knows what could get them going. Pittsburgh has been pretty average of late, with a loss to Buffalo November 28th. They are 3-3 in their last 6 games. And since MAF got hurt, they are4-5. With John Curry and Danny Saborin switching up.

The Penguins are a two man show. Crosby and Malkin. Malkin with 43 points and Crosby with 40. The next in line is Satan with 20 points. Their defense isn't adept at scoring with Letang with 11 points, all assists and Alex Goligoski, finding the net 4 times. It appears to me, their defense is held back to protect the net. (Even though the goalies seem fine) But Gonchar, Whitney and Boucher are out injured. So to be fair they are banged up at the blue line. But their 2nd line forwards. Don't seem to give much. And now Tyler Kennedy is out. Their 4th leading scorer.

Of course this comes from a Sabre fan, where no lines are dependable scoring lines right now. So I'd love to have Stafford with 20 points. But anyway. Control the big 2 is the theme of the night. But at Pittsburgh, probably a tough order. Because they don't have the scoring touch right now to get into a shootout with Pens.

A win tonight would be great for the Sabres, it would get their season back on track with Tampa and Toronto coming in this week. Don't want HSBC all Blue and White on Friday. After Sunday that would be seriously depressing.

So lets go and beat those Jokes. Oooops. I mean Penguins.

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